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How do you manage to sleep,i go to bed every night,my mind starts with the negative thoughts and then I feel the anxiety build from my stomach and it starts to rise up to my chest.I then have to get up,i try thinking nice thoughts but the overpowering negatives pop back into my head.I simply don't know how to switch off and eventually around 2 in the morning fatigue must take over and I drift off.I awake at 5 ish feeling tired and usually get up shortly after to begin my day but always with my anxiety in the background.Any thoughts on this issue,thank you.

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If you don't want to get medss from your GP you could try some natural remedies. I found the Sleep rescuee remedy helped me get rid of unwanted thoughts plus you could take a natural remedy sleep tablet. See if that may be of some help. I know exactly how you feel, ahave been there myself. Good luck.


Hi castel, I am having the same trouble now, can't switch off at night. My GP gave me zopiclone for 2 weeks but to no effect, try the natural remedies As they may work for you before asking for prescription meds. I hope you feel better soon xxx take care.


I've experienced that too, indeed I could of written the same words in the past. My heart goes out to you.

Lets look at this;

You say your mind starts negative thoughts when you go to bed :)

For me I found out that I had been rushing about all day getting anxious, trying to forget about negative thoughts, when I finally laid down to go to sleep it all burst back out. I expected to go to sleep on command, but how could I, I was wound up so tight I was buzzing.

When I finally had had enough of this, I realised I needed to slow down in the day, be kind to myself, exercise, have some enjoyment (a difficult one) learn to relax, then when I went to bed all would be ok.

It was, it worked, and I actually enjoy going to bed now. I can let go a bit in the day, let things be, not judge them, not try to control them, and the world doesnt seem such a horrible place anymore.

So how do we do that, well it takes time, something our anxious minds will immediately dismiss, saying "I dont have time" then we try the drugs, herbal or prescription, and thats fine too, as far as it goes.

Bottom line, start right now, because right now is all we have, the past is gone we cannot change it, forgive yourself, the future is unknown and not yet happened, let it come when it comes. Put them both to one side for a moment.

Look inside yourself, feel your heart, is it uncomfortable, thats ok, its to be expected, we have been running it ragged, do what you would do to your child, comfort it, give it a cuddle, give it love, how ? feel what loving feels like it might be your mothers love or something random, when you felt an all encompassing love that washed over you, feel that feeling, with all your being, and send it to your heart, allow your body to become soft and bath in that love. If it feels uncomfortable, thats ok too, get up move about, but come back to the feeling of all encompassing love, feel that love inside, it will heal you, maybe not directly, however you will feel something change inside even on the first try. Now do it everytime you feel stressed anxious, just stop.........................and give love to yourself, it has the most powerfull ability to heal, it will soften our battered bodies and give space to our agitated minds. So when we go to bed we tuck ourselves in, maybe read ourselves a story, and give love to ourselves, like we would do to a little child........


And dont give up, what do we have to loose, only anxiety and it feels so great when love dissapates that.

Good luck :) and hope it helps


Lol, someone had to say it xxx


Cookie, perhaps you don't agree, but Im sure there will be others who get something from this. What was it that was said the other day ... if you can't say anything nice say nothing ...


Yeah sorry I forgot, must be the dementia, did I say that, didnt someone mention that it was a personal opinion and not to take it to heart, don't worry what people you don't know say about you. Xxx


Hi Cookie, I think that the point isn't it? We all have different opinions, I don't mind you disagreeing with the post at all, but I do find the language you used very rude and aggressive. Especially to someone that is trying to HELP ...


I don't care what you mind me doing or not doing, what I am doing is being true to who I am Kaz54321, speaking MY mind, and your friend may have helped you but he didn't help me, is that ok. I seem to remember your language last week coming across to some as rude and aggressive so let not the pot call the kettle black xxx


hi Cookie, I objected to the crude language and didnt find it appropriate. I think I know what you are referring to and seem to recall that when it was mentionedthat something i said may have made the person feel guilty i posted again and apologised to that person. i found your post to the op sarcastic and crude .... i think we should leave it there. we haveboth expressed our views. iwish you well.


Last word x


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