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I was doing ok but today I feel like I'm bad again


I've been doing really well, getting through day after day. I've been keeping going and have found that if I don't give in to my anxiety it eases

But today I've woken feeling poorly, with a cold and BAM! anxiety is back with full force. I'm feeling nervy, anxious and on edge. My thoughts automatically return to every negative thought I've had in the past and I'm worried about the future. I'm scared incase I can't go in to work tomorrow, I'm scared about making it through this evening, can't face cooking dinner and just want to sleep

I need to care for my children so I know I must carry on. But in the back of my mind all I keep thinking is

What if I breakdown in front of other people?

What if I can't sleep tonight?

What if I can't face work tomorrow? Etc etc

Any help will be very gratefully received 🌸

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Hi begentle51, we get into trouble when we don't live in the moment. As you can see the "what ifs" are taking over and feeding into your anxiety. Feeling physically bad with a cold sent out all the red flags that started the negative thoughts escalating.

I know it's difficult when mommy is sick, so much depends on her. I would suggest to do only what you have to for the next few days. Cut corners where you can in cooking and cleaning. Depending on

the age of the children, try working around their needs and schedule. If they need your undivided attention, then it's time to pull out quiet time videos or coloring, where you can have quiet time as well.

Today, take it hour by hour and do not try to project into what the evening or tomorrow may hold. Allow the anxious thoughts to dwindle down by saying to yourself, what's the worse that could happen? If you have to take off work for a day, then so be it. If you are too sick to cook, then there is always McDs. One day on fast food won't hurt the children. In order words, don't present problems that aren't there yet.

Taking care of you is a must now. Feel better soon. x

begentle51 in reply to Agora1

Thank you Agora

It's just so tough to see through it, it just clouds everything

I feel that if I take time off work or rest then I'm giving in. I feel like I should fight it n carry on.

Agora1 in reply to begentle51

begentle51, you might have misunderstood me. Never give into anxiety. I was talking about taking care of yourself when you are sick. Two different animals. :)

Take care x

begentle51 in reply to Agora1

Ah, sorry Hun, that was me getting confused 🌸

Hi. I do understand your feeling. I feel the same too. In the morning my feeling was ok then suddenly it turned into something negative in just minutes without any particular reason.

I'm a Catholic and I force myself to pray a lot everyday. Talk to God that I feel bad and ask Him to fill my heart with the Holy Spirit, it helps.

I also read some positive affirmations quotes on Pinterest everytime I feel bad about myself. And also do yoga! There's a really good YouTube Channel called Yoga With Adriene, and my fav video is "Yoga to let go". the video really helps me to stay present and let go of my negative thoughts.

Hope u feel better soon!


Thank you Francine, I'm going to look at the yoga you suggested. I'm not religious but have often wondered if there is more out there. Maybe a positive daily prayer would help to. Thank you 🌸

My pleasure :) tell me if you already done the yoga and feel better ;)

Still feeling rough today. Took the day off of work and slept, but why does feeling poorly bring on my anxiety

I've tried breathing, thinking positively, working through it but it doesn't help

My head is pounding ☹️

Agora1 in reply to begentle51

Hi begentle51.... feeling poorly physically will bring on our anxiety because of the closeness of the mind/body connection. When we come down with a cold or the flu, it sends a message to the brain that something is not right and immediately we are in an anxious state. Quite the opposite of when our mind is filled with anxious thoughts of "what if" and immediately start having physical symptoms.

It doesn't surprise me that breathing, thinking positively and working through it that it's not working. Your body is in the process of fighting this cold, that's it's priority at this moment. Your head most likely is pounding due to the congestion of the cold.

Don't let this day off work go to waste by focusing into your anxiety and fears. Instead take care of yourself and get better physically. The mentally will follow along. This is very normal to have one exacerbate the other.

Sleeping will help the cold but not necessarily the anxiety. The anxiety isn't going anywhere, try putting it on the back burner today and concentrate on getting better physically. Pamper yourself.

You can have all the tools and techniques for anxiety but unless they are put to practice every day when you are not sick, it's not going to work when you are. Hot chicken soup, hot tea and even inhaling with some steam may help bring down that pressure headache from the cold. Take care of yourself, you so deserve it. We can only address one thing at a time or it gets overwhelming. Stay positive and get well soon. x

begentle51 in reply to Agora1

Thank you so much Agora, that's just what I needed to read. It's settled my mind a little, thank you 🌸

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