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NICE consultation on Social Anxiety Disorder guideline

The National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE) are currently in consultation for the Social Anxiety Disorder guideline until 5th February 2013. Anxiety UK will be feeding back the experience and views of our members. If you would like us to include yours’ please contact us on by 15th January, 2013.

For more information about the current guideline and the consultation, visit

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They used to call it being a bit shy until psychiatry and their friends the drug companies decided to turn it into yet another unproven DISORDER with yet again NO test which proves it exists as a medical condition. Social anxiety happens to most of us at one time or another. It is a very natural feeling and should not be classed as a mental illness with drugs to treat it. This is the marketing of maddness for one reason PROFIT!!!


This sounds like you are dismissing s.a.d. as something that very trival


Hello both.

Social anxiety disorder is, in fact, a recognised medical condition with diagnostic guidelines and treatment options. Whilst we take your point that perhaps for many in the past, they were merely described as being shy, if you speak to someone with Social Anxiety Disorder they will tell you it is so much more than that.

I would suggest Optimistic9 have a look at the Anxiety UK website's section on Social Anxiety Disorder so you can better understand what it's like to live with this potentially disabling condition. If you'd like more information, please visit

Please also remember that whilst something may not be a difficulty for you, that does not mean that it isn't one for someone else. I, for example, don't have a phobia of flying but my compassion for others means that I can understand that it may trouble others.

Best wishes.


Good reply! Yankeedoodle, optimistic nine seems to have a general conspiracy theory mind against drug companies and psychiatry either that or shares in a book club!

Mental illness is very real and very disabling to very many and if we could just pick ourselves up by talking, reading and being nice to ourselves I think we would prefer that option but as alot off our problems are over analyzing ourselves this can often make us to pre occupied to take in or focus on new information and any form of help is often welcome, hopefully we have come out of the dark ages with attitudes to mental illness but there will always be predgadist against it because people don't understand it unless it has happened to them and even then it is hard to grasp that different mind set!


Many thanks thunderacer!


Hi ewards 11....

As a newcomer you may have found the previous comment a little dissapointing....

but remember this is life and we do not always hear or read what we want to..

The secret is to understand everyone is different, and dare i say it entitled to there view whether we think it is right or wrong.....

So if you read something you don,t like..comment by all means..but then LET IT GO...we are all different......hope this wishes


Sorry, your not dealing with a paranoic nut, I just thought...ah... i,ll see his profile, maybe step for a hint on problem....couple of one word answers...and yet a one sentence answer(with bad grammar ----who am I?????ha ha)...anyway clicked on post and the line seemed to be an exact copy of a line posted higher up (including grammatical error??????? coll).....did they copy it?????

Heh, i,m cool about it....could be wrong....just instinct.....but it won,t bother me and don,t let it bother you...time will tell..

After all they may be suffering from a severe mental illness (god bless).

Hope you read my last comment on ovulating? don,t laugh to much people will think your getting better.....he he


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