Generalized anxiety disorder

Anxiety has been my entire life. I was diagnosed with GAD when I was 10 or 11 years old. i have periods of time where I have mild anxiety where I can function and then periods of time where I have crippling anxiety. I cant talk, eat, sleep, think, drive. I can hardly do anything except walk around like a zombie with my bad anxiety. But I always feel the burning in my stomach and the tightness and beating in my chest from my anxiety. Almost ten years later and I still hope one day I can wake up and not feel like I'm losing my mind.


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  • Have you tried finding God along the way? Because now I am trying to find God inside my heart and mind, someone it is helping me to feel at peace and be more positive, although sometimes it is really really hard to remind yourself about God when the attack is severe...we can do this!

  • <3 He never gives us more than we can handle when we give it to Him

  • Or maybe they could go get more medical advice or help from other people. If you are really I'll do you go to a doctor or to a church?

  • I reach out, virtually, to shake your hand, my friend. I think your wit has been understood as a question rather than a brilliant exposition of sarcasm. It's the same with the Mormons. Had the bloke who saw all those golden tablets and enjoyed productive conversations with Jesus and Angels, the first port of call would not be somewhere holy but the nearest psychiatric unit, sectioned if need be and drugged up to the eyeballs with flupenthixol and haloperidol. I'll remember your words for quite some time now so thank you for that.


  • Thank you trying to help but I go to church and have accepted god. I have a chemical imbalance that causes my anxiety to be heightened. I think probably a doctor would be better.

  • Yes! Both can help us. Stay positive!

  • I'm having this exact problem as we speak! It's like my body goes into cruise control and goes through the motions but my mind is in my health and what ever I'm worried about! I get so much relief from people telling me they have the same isssues so I hope it has helped you

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