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Generalised Anxiety Disorder :(

Just joined in the hope that talking about my anxiety may help me. have suffered for 8 years but am really bad at the moment. I feel constantly anxious, cant concentrate on anything and am struggling to cope. Its a terrible condition and its so hard trying to explain how I am feeling to people that have never suffered. Be great to chat with anyone who also suffers x

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Hi you are not alone in your feelings.I have had this only for 6 months and I hate it.I also feel anxious all the time and try to concentrate on tv books anything but always find my mind wandering back to the anxiety.Its a vicious circle .I am currently seeing a CBT councilor and I am hoping it helps me break the chain of negative thoughts.I always thought there would be a quick fix but know there isnt.Are you on any meds or have you seen a councilor ??/


I totally am with you on mind wandering back to anxiety! I just wish I could switch my mind off.... ite mentally exausting! Yes Im on velafaxine and mirtazapine and diazapam when the anxiety is just too much which is all the time at the moment. Iw ish I could use the diazapam all the time as it does help but know its highly addictive and having a very addictive personality have to be careful. I hve also seen a councellor which did help but finished my course and no seem to have slipped back downhill. Are you on any meds at all? s x


Hi yes I take Diazapam and like you wish I could use it all the time as its brilliant.I also take amytryptelene on a night time this helps me sleep.I have just started taking pyridoxine its a herbal tablet that has been recommended for anxiety and Im only on day 3 of taking them and dont feel as anxious (well not to the point where I cant function).My anxiety is health anxiety so I constantly think about my body eg if there is a new pain or sensation then I panic all the time constantly going to the docs etc.Got to say anxiety is the worst thing I have experienced just want to wake up and feel normal again.Some days are good but its always with me x


I understand what you are going through, i feel anxious when iwake up and if i wake in the middle of the night i have just started taking cilatropram,im hoping they start to make me feel better,it takes time there is no easy way with anxiety.


I was on citalopram but the side affects where too much for me and came off them,but have heard they do work suppose everyone reacts differently to different meds.Your right there is no easy way with anxiety I thought there would be a quick fix but have soon realised there is not.Its a battle each day but on a positive at least we are getting through each day good or bad.


Thanks for your messages... it so ice to learn I am not alone!! I too took citalopram but that didnt work for me as I react quite bad to side effects but sharon whats this pyroxodine..... Is it from a health food s hop or the gp? I too sufer from health nxiety and am constantly convincing myself I have cancer. I lost my dad and step dad to cancer when i was younger and I think its really deep rooted in me ;( I just want to live life and love it.... without constantly feeling like I a loosing the plot x


Hi it is herbal and I got it from my Chemists its a vitamin B6 complex but I have spoke to a lot of people who says its fantastic for anxiety and mood swings so Im giving it a go also bought some Omega Fish oil today as that is supposed to be good x


Hi All (first comment!) im the same ive actually suffered from GAD for about 16 years but was only diagnosed with it about 3 or 4 years back, I can understand its routes as i used to have phobias that used to change regularly which then slowly developed into GAD.

What i would say LilMsS, is yes you are not alone, i run my own business which is tough to make decisions. professional conflicts are hard and because of my anxiety i tend to find it hard to stand up for myself! However work has helped me if i stay working hard my anxiety is much lower, i find watching TV and relaxing hobbies just do not help with it whatsoever.

I am on Buspirone currently which was great but has sadly started to fade. like benzodiazepines it is NOT long term, i found that the anti-depressants SSRI and SNRIs both make me very tired and are counter productive to my work - vicious circle!

You Say you have had councilling LilMsS? was that CBT? it doesnt work for everyone but you should be able to get a referral for 12 sessions with your GP if you havent been told about cognitive behavourial therapy.


Thanks for all the replies..... It really is a god send to know that I am not alone in this and my symptoms are real and others feel it too..... Have had slightly better last two days thankfully and have now brought some omega 1000 as thats supposed to help too. Every day is different and yes have tried CBT but since finishing my councelling I seem to have slipped back to my old ways. I also tend to binge drink when I feel anxious nd tthis I know is detremental but when you are so desperate you try nything to just feel normal xx


Hey LilMsS,

I've had GAD for about 6-7 months, but over the last month, i've been keeping a pretty sharp specific diary. This wasn't advice of anyone, i just thought to myself; "Wonder what keep's triggering this?!"

My diary consists of;

- whats i've eat?

- what i've drank (whether it be alcohol or not)?

- any strange conversations?

- anything specific i've seen?

- who i've spoke to

- what time i woke up, what time i went to sleep?

- anything i saw and started thinking about?

- what exercise i've done?

- what bet's i've made?

- what music i've listened to?

- good day at work?

- what i've watched on T.V?

- what the weather was like?

- family affairs?

- friends affairs?

- whether i feel tired?

- if i'm happy?

- any aches or pains?

the list goes on..

Now your probably thinking;

"Wow, i'm not keeping a non-stop surveillance of every little thing of every day, no chance!"

However, updating this very strict diary at the end of every day will help you realise what might be the trigger. My diary has started to form a very specific pattern results in anxious feelings and all's i'm doing is learning from my own diary what to cut out of my life to experiment my anxiety. Everyday, i've been cutting out certain things that - according to the patterns i've found - have been triggering the anxiety, and i've been learning to control my anxiety more and more everyday and not let it dominate my mind.

I'm not fully recovered yet but i cant most definitely say i'm on the up. As odd as this may sound, it's kind of exciting learning about yourself when keeping this diary, learning what your mind is "afraid" of without me actuly knowing it, and playing the method elimination is quite helpful in regards to controlling your anxiety.

I've pretty much learnt that if my anxiety doesn't want to leave? That's fine by me, he'll just have to do as its told.. by me.. the dominant force :D

Stay here as long as you want anxiety, doesn't bother me, i'm winning anyway

Hope this helps someone out there. Helps me. Alot.




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