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angry about the past

I had a very rough time with bullying during adolescence, the very time when kids need the most support, & it still follows me around today. Iknow that I did nothing to deserve the treatment that I got, & I think that those in authority let me down badly by not lifting a finger to protect me, after all it`s the job of parents & teachers to do this. I just got told to stand up for myself, which is nearly impossible when everyone`s against you & you feel totally unsupported. I wish that I could meet the worthless scum that mistreated me all those years ago, & demand compensation or at least an explanation of why they targeted me. I was called ugly, stupid etc, & yet the kids that called me those names were very unnattractive to put it mildly. I do wonder if life has taught them any lessons over the last 30 or 40 years, but from what Iv`e people like them usually get what they want from life. I`m just wondering if any members of this site have met up with people Who bullied them at school, & how those people had turned out?

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My dear. Does it really matter what happened to these people? I hope the people who injured me in the past are having a good life and that they may have learned from their experiences, as we have to. But we cannot afford the emotions that are thrown up; anger and frustration. Very expensive emotions when we are already down. You know you are not ugly and stupid so why let them get at you after all these years? I am sure they may well feel satisfied with their efforts if they knew! I knew a man who was a storekeeper and who taught elocution in the evenings. His mates took the micky because of the way he spoke. I asked him one day how he felt about this. "Now why should I worry about what a lot of ignorant people think about me". It really meant nothing to him. Thick skinned? Maybe, but he did not get angry which would have been the natural response. All the things you say about your past are true but to dwell on them will not help one little bit. Anyway, nice to hear from you again. Keep going. Love and Blessings. jonathan.


Hi HF,

dont waste time on whats gone my friend, its not worth it, or at least they are not worth it. ars*holes back then dont change through life they stay the way they were, and their offspring end up the same as their parents, shame though it is, you are the better person HF every time,



Hi Hairy. I was bullied dreadfully at school in the 90s. I moved away from where I grew up and felt a great deal of relief from the separation, then came Facebook! :-/ I found myself adding people who were a painful reminder of what school was about. I have to say, they have all turned out to be an older version of their child like self. It is sad that I don't have anyone on my list from the school but it is my choice not theirs to isolate me. It was all too much to become comfortable with now. I too, hold resentment for what they did. I had enough pain and trouble without them so their addition made life unbearable. I have an obsession now about my children's schooling. We are putting them through private school in my attempt not to recreate the past.


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