i needed help

i needed help

my life has changed so much this year i lost a lot 2016 everything went to hell i was not coping i did not feel like doing nothing or going no were anxiety and depression got the best of me i know i should of asked for help but when u are in a bad place and so depressed u just push people out it was so much going on in my life all at ones i just gave up my kids as some of you know are in care i all ways done everything for my kids the only thing i just let are flat go down hill its never easy to put things like this online as u get people judging you the kids got took because of my mantel health we were staying at my mums for a few weeks thats when they came and seen me now iam trying to show them that iam ok i been on anxiety depression tablets for 5 months and they been working i had to give up the flat as i could not afford to live there things got so bad so fast iam trying to be a stronger parson a fighter i get my bad days when things bring me down its not easy i miss the old me its hard but i know i need to be strong and think positive iam changing my life around for my kids they are my life its not easy living with anxiety and depression but we cant let it destroy are life like this i lost a lot because of it ... its time to fight back


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  • I really relate to alot u have said hun u will make it thru 💖

  • thank you

  • Always talk hunni communication is Def a huge help in anxiety here if u need to chat my insomnia awful still 🌚🌚

  • hope your insomnia gos soon

  • Hope u r feeling bit better today xxxx

  • Kids will undstamd that you were in a bad place but that will see ypou getting better and fighting for them its a long road anxiety has no Mercy but it can be slowed down I hope you get Betty and kids back with you

  • thank you

  • Hey there. You CAN do this! You have something money cannot buy to motivate you: your children. Whenever you let, and yes I say let, depression and anxiety get to you, get up, out of bed ... whatever ... and fight it by doing something planned each and every day. Solitude with nothing meaningful to do will mentally bury you. Please do not under any circumstances let that happen.

    Get a notepad and pen and start to plan your weekly schedule ... even if going for walks or going out for a coffee. Find a hobby that you might enjoy. VOLUNTEER! DANCE! You MUST get out of the house. Can't stress that enough. Make it meaningful. Make it FUN. Use your time positively and reflect on what has happened and why. What have you discovered about yourself? What types of things and/thoughts can you repeat and importantly, what you can't?

    I'm told it takes two weeks to establish new routines. You MUST force yourself to get through those weeks and then things will slowly start to get easier ... step by step.

    Most of all BE proactive and stay positive ... you cannot WAIT for change to happen. YOU have to work at making the changes happen. Go with the flow and learn to roll with certain punches that may come your way because nothing but nothing is as important as getting children back ... right?

    Continue to post. We will listen ... and cheer you on this journey.

    Before I forget, there's a way to lock your posts so that only members of this community can see them. From my understanding, anyone on the web can see your posts/pictures if you don't.


  • thank you i will keep on letting everyone know whats happening

  • Keep strong! You can do this!

    I know how hard it is, I'm fighting the feelings at the moment

    Don't give up! We're here to help 🌸💐

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