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Angry and frustrate

Continuing with leg pain and muscle twitching. Fed up of paying out to people to give me a diagnosis. All these people have been to uni and got degrees, I don't no what in, woodwork? They all say something different. My GP says that there are a small percentage of patients whom they can't give a diagnosis for there symptoms. Guess whose one them. I fell over the other day and am now covered in bruises. When I fell, my grand kids laughed and then carried on watching Disney channel, my husband went into the kitchen to get a cloth because I had spilled my tea and my daughter carried on reading the paper. I wondered if I had dropped dead how long would it take then to react

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Hi holly, it sounds so frustrating. Sorry to hear about ur fall but Iam sure ur family would be concerned they prob though I was ok u know what family's are like. I do know how u feel as I everyday get a new symptom and no one had given me an answer to the chest pain I have on and off. I get is ur hearts healthy, I have tried to google to see other causes but basically says go to a and e but I done that 6 times and seen the best cardiologist who examined me for 50 mins as an outpatient, had an X-ray and ECgs all on the same day so I do feel slightly reassured. I have had a rubbish nights sleep dozed off at 1.30 and was awake at 3.20 untill 6.45 I just hope today Indra bad day because of this. On a plus note I was awake on my own and coped ok so Iam pleased about that xxx


So frustrating isn't it. I am sick of hearing its just HA. I can't see it ever ending


Yep Iam with u on that holly. I can't see end as I will always read rubbish that tells me to think the worst. However I have to try and think Iam young fit and healthy all I have is aches and pains in my vest back and neck with headaches and dizziness. I guess some people are a lot worse than me. Stay positive Hun xxx


Dear Holly50,

I am sorry to read that you are struggling today.

A big hug,

Marcus xxx


Thanks loopy and Marcus for replying. My doctor is going to speak to me on the phone tomorrow, let you know how I get on. Take care


Hi Holly,

First of all, you have my greatest sympathies. I think people who are prone to anxiety and stress in general have trouble with their GP in terms of getting diagnosed for other health conditions.

However, GPs have a duty to ALL their patients, to test them, treat them and look after them equally, and for all health conditions - and without bias. People with anxiety should not be treated differently. We do have to take into consideration that doctors do have difficult jobs and it can be difficult for them to find the appropriate name for the symptoms, there are possibly, literally thousands of health conditions out there and symptoms that over lap, please also be mindful that there is also a lot of strain on the NHS so we have to take that into account. However, the fact that you are not getting far with the doctors and that you are continuing to suffer I'm guessing with very little or even no intervention - isn't good enough. What tests have you had? You need to be checked so the doctors can find out what's wrong, and find the appropriate treatment.

If you continue to have issues, you could complain - although remember that complaints are not something to be taken lightly and could be highly impactful.

In the meantime, you could try the following things, and if you're still not getting any luck, then bring your concerns to someone 'higher up':

Keep a diary of all your symptoms, and describe as accurately as you can what they feel like, and just as importantly, if not more importantly, the affect they are physically having on your day to day living. Whilst you're doing this, try to be accurate in the times they occur, or when they are most prominent, and include things like what you were doing, what you'd had to eat and drink that day etc. If they can see it physically written down it may allow the doctor to empathise and understand more. I don't know how detailed your posts are, but some of them might be useful in presenting to the GP as well, you seem a very clear and coherent writer - and this might also allow the doctor to see that you are trying to address your anxiety.

Do everything the doctor has been telling you to do, I know this can seem exceptionally frustrating when they're telling you to 'eat healthily', 'exercise regularly in the fresh air' - when you're probably thinking to yourself - 'well my diet has always been similar and it hasn't caused me any problems before now' - I can relate to this too. But if you follow their advice rigidly, the doctor won't be able to excuse any of your symptoms and will have no choice but to take a better course of action - also, if you keep things like this in a diary, the doctor will be able to see for themselves. (You could even bring a witness who could vouch for you that what you've written is completely honest and accurate. But I know you're having problems getting your family to understand and listen to you, that can be hurtful sometimes, I understand. But hopefully you can prove them wrong soon.) Avoid Google too, doctors don't like it when you attempt to come up with a diagnosis - focus specifically on the sensations you feel in your body, how unpleasant they are, and the affect they're having on your day to day living and try to detach yourself from any meaning in terms of what the illness might be. Be specific - the more detail the better. Also, going on Google gives doctors the added excuse that you are imagining your symptoms since researching them! Sorry if you've heard this before but it's good to know. :)

I hope you get an answer soon, Holly. Don't give up, because sometimes it can just be dependant on what doctor you're seeing. I went through something very similar to you a couple of years ago and it took me ages - between 6-9 months in fact, to get an diagnosis - I won't go into detail though because I don't want to confuse you with any more potential conditions or symptoms.

Best of luck,

wanderingwallflower xx


Hi fay I work for the NHS so I know they are under stress. All of my neuro tests I have paid for myself, mainly because I felt guilty using the NHS. I am also paying for hypno and CBT. My GP is lovely I think it is me who cannot be reassured for for some reason. I think the diary is a good idea. I have tried to book an appt. with my GP but she is very busy, 6 week wait. She will do me a phone consultation tomorrow. Thanks for replying it has been very helpful. The problem is once you have got a certain condition in your head it is difficult to change that thought pattern. I have had HA a long time. I think most GPs are becoming more aware and showing more empathy. Let you know how I get on


Best of luck Holly I will be thinking of you. :) xx


Thanks I will send you a message. Thanks for the support


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