New York

New York

Hello everyone :) I just wanted to update you all on the trouble I was having on the lead up to my Holiday to New York. As some of you might remember I suffer with chronic anxiety and part of my problem is fear of being away from my daughter and home along with flying. Well the great news is I made it to New York and back :). Myself and my husband had a wonderful time. I attended three sessions of Hypnotherapy which seemed to really help, I also had an increase in medication by 5mg! I don't know which made the biggest difference but my hypnotherapist was amazing. I just wanted to share my positive story to give some people hope. Lots of love xx

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  • :) well done!!

  • well done hun, ahhh sooo happy for you love, you made me smile!!!

    big big hug


  • well done :) :)

  • Thank you all so much :) I am so proud of myself and I know now that no matter how bad things get there is always light at the end of the tunnel for us all xx

  • excellent news, well done!! i too had problems on my last holiday and this year it's prevented me from getting away so far.

    still hoping it changes for me though

  • So glad you had a great time : ) xx

  • Great! There's a book entitled "Feel the Fear and do it anyway!" and you did!! Well done.

  • Well done! Happy for you :)

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