Hello...I am fairly new to the group and this is my first time posting. I have suffered with all 3 in the title of this group. From age 19 to 2009 (I am 61) I didn;t go ,ore than 45 mins from home, I use to have to pay someone to grocery shop for me back in the 90's. I also suffer from emetophobia (fear of vomiting). Yup, I am a mess. frown emoticon My dad, sister and nephew all suffered with anxiety/agoraphobia, they are all much better, lead rich full lives (my dad did late in life, but he traveled finally in his last 20 yrs, he passed in 2011 at the age of 88). In 2004, my aunt passed, my fav uncles wife and I had to get to the city to attend the wake. My wonderful ft. put me on Alprazolam 0.5, 3x a day. (I still take the same dose). I made it there, and my family was in awe to see me walk thru the door, I stayed over an hour. It helped with me going shopping alone, close to home. I wanted MORE of a life, In 2009, he put me on Lexapro, 5mg, which I am still on. I made it to my favorite beach that year, an hour and 30 mins away. I went back and stayed 5 nights with my husband and have gone since then, except last summer, I am hoping to get there this year. I believe now that my fear of vomiting contributed to the agoraphobia and anxiety. I truly believe there is a connection. I want to make it to the beach so bad. I was last there when I was 14, so it was a THRILL to make it there. I never thought I would see the ocean again!! I am hoping you can all help me to get there this year. We don;t go many places, and I can;t tell you how happy my husband was that I made it that 1st time. We only stayed 3 hrs, I began to panic when when there were no vacancies anywhere, and cried most of the way home. My husband grabbed my hand and said, TERRY, you went thru 3 states!!! I am so proud of you. Since yesterday, I have been an anxious mess. My 3 yr old granddaughter got sick here, so I am now dealing with severe anxiety for the next 4 days. I don't eat or sleep, just worry that my husband and I will get this. Thank you for listening....I hope I can help others here,


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  • I'm not sure what to say but I'm here :)

  • It seems to me that you have made some pretty important steps forward....maybe you go forward a little then back a little ... that is ok. The key is that you keep trying. With the help of your physician and your husband (he sounds like a true gem) your life is playing out. Anxiety is such a hard thing to deal with. All the phobias and fears that people suffer with just seem so unfair. So often, when I see what others are going through, I realize how lucky I am. I have panic attacks...big deal. (But when I have one it is a HUGE deal to me.) Our lives flow just like the waves, in and out. You love the ocean and I think you WILL visit the ocean again. Blessing to you. Keep posting. Everyone here understands and may be able to offer helpful hints or information.

  • this is a really uplifting message grateful for it woke with usual nausea but got up and came on here god bless you for help fedup me

  • I am dealing with the same issues and fears!! It's horrible. But such a proud moment when we make a big step on something we weren't able to do for so long. Congrats! It's a horrible thing to live with.

  • noone knows until they have this lots of my friends and indeed family dont know how bad i feel some days you become a pretty good actress god bless you fedup

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