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Am I a loner or what

I was sitting here thinking which usually not a good thing for me sometimes!!! Here I am on a site for anxiety an other things an thinking I live in united States, you are all so sweet and have helped me through some really tough times since most of my family thinks it crazy that I have panic attacks my husband is very understanding. But most people have the compassion of a wet blanket it's not bad enough you feel different than most but your family is another thing! Even my only grandchild will hardly talk to me she says she just doesn't understand but would be praying for me the little brat an I have practically raised her I just stared at her an I have 3 sisters that don't talk to me because of this I just needed to vent sorry but you guys are blessed to have this site!!! Have a blessed day an thank you for being so kind!

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Hello mimi, you seem very sad :( please don't, am sitting by myself doing nothing but watching TV, my companion these days, finished a long week at work and no one even to talk to.

you are blessed to have understanding husband, just think of it this way.

i am sorry about the little one, maybe her mum/dad said something to her and she understood it wrong. ahh my love i hate to see you this way, i honestly mention this site in my prayers and God is with us, just patience my love, i know you had enough, me too but we have to keep up, we can just give up, it is our cross in this life and we have to carry it. my sweet love i am here whenever you need to say something, always ready to listen even for a joke :) xxxxx big hug


Hi rouri. Hope you okay


am ok, thx for asking :) hope you well :) been watching movie on More 4 wow "Orphan" have you seen it?? not bad for a friday night movie :)

i need some chamomile now to sleep :)



Can't say I have. Is it any good? Classic FM for me :)


one of those movies that u can't take off your eyes for a second, not bad. kept my evening entertained.

music makes me sad sometimes, other time i am ok, not sure i think it reminds me of happier times than these days.

sweet dreams


Ahhh that's a shame I've always felt music is good for the soul, sleep well....


Hey no one is alone on this site, even if you live in the US :) Venting, rants, screaming all allowed. Your family may not know what you are going through but we do.... Stay strong for you.


Where are most of the people on the site?


Thank you God bless all of you xxxx


Hi All, Tv is my constant companion these Don't know what I would do without it! I have a tv in every room ( not bathroom though ) and sometimes have them all on together. Now if that's not nuts....I don't know what is lol xxxxxxxx


Hi ellabella, I had to lol at your comment because I do exactley the same!! I haven't been a member for long, and every now and then I pop in, just to see what's occuring with eveyone.

Hello to mimising. One thing I have noticed about the people on here, is that they are allway's ready to listen to anyone. and I luv that!

I haven't told anyone on here about myself yet. (cant even remember if I have filled out my profile!) But thenagain, I cant remember wakeing up this morning! That really upsets my family, especially M O M (my old man! I have got other names for him, but it's early day's yet. Will reveal all when I'm a bit more comfortable).

Anyway, big hugs to you all. I'm off now to watch M O M watching the tv with his eyes shut & listen to him snoreing while i wile away the hours doing my knitting!

hope the rest of your day is good for you all. ttfn xx


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