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A reason

The only reason I live is my partner.I don t have other reasons.The members of my family are all nuts cases for a reason or another..we don t help each other anymore,we don t get on,we are all selfish,we don t listen to each other and do not support each other..My parents are getting old and they are not reasoning anymore,my brother is schizofrenic and my sister lives her life like everyday would be the last one(she s 43,I'll,with no many years left to live).

What has happened to us?My family is a disfunctional family and I m suffering terribly for this..I would love to spend Ester with my family like everybody else but I can t take the plane to go back home and my sister who s here is going away,she doesn t even care I won t see my nephew for Easter!

I dream of a family where Christmas and or Easter would be together ..but maybe I m just an idealist,a looser and a failure.I m not mentally well and life is not helping me,actually never been nice to me.The only thing is my partner..but I m worry I m going to loose him as well.I have no job and I won t be able to find another one,we have no money and on the top of everything I m really depressed,agorophobic and suffer of panick attack..What is it life?waiting that it will end.

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You have a partner,that's good and your are lucky for that alone.very little people have the ideal family,from the outside many people think I have a lovely family,but not so,I think all family,s have bad times.Spend Easter with your partner and try to have a good time,your partner seems to want to be with


Hi Lindalou

Thank you for your reply.Maybe I should take your suggestion..I m seriously thinking about it


Train xxx


If as you say you have a good partner, that is what a lot of people would wish for, as when you go and see your family sometimes things are said and done that can be hurtful, but then when you go home to a loving partner and have a chat it takes a lot of the tension away.

Be glad that you have this, as after all it's with your partner that you confide all things.

Try and stay positive. xx


Ok thank you hun x


I think any holiday season can make those of us with less than perfect families feel a little sad. As the others have said, no family is perfect and a lot of people dream of that perfect family we see in the movies, all snuggled up under a rug on the sofa, all outside playing snowballs in the snow. the reality is different for most of us!


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