You guys I don't have any support. I feel so so lonely all the time. I have no real friends anymore. My family mistreats me because of my anxiety. I can't talk to them about anything without them judging me. Most people have some support they're really blessed but me, not one person. Dealing with chronic anxiety is tough enough and now I'm doing it all alone. Trying to stay strong but idk how much longer I can go like this.


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  • Hi sadgurl21, I know how lonely dealing with anxiety can be. Like you, I don't have anyone anymore. People tend to move on, who wants to wait day after day, year after year for me to get better. They don't understand that it's not like having a cold where within 7 days or a week you start feeling better. It was a hard realization for me when I literally turned around and no one was there to support me. The hardest time was when weaning off my benzos. I had no one and so that's when I knew I would have to be my own best friend. I've become a stronger person for it. A year later, I found this community, only wish I had it sooner. Never the less, we are here for you now, we are your true friends who won't look down at you because we understand what it is like. We all care about each other. Now how blessed are we, that we both found this forum. Sending hugs to a new found friend. xx

  • I'm sorry you're dealing with that. I also get that feeling sometimes. I feel like I'm dying all the time and I tend to find things wrong with me. But I genuinely think that there are problems with my body. And my mom shrugs it off like she doesn't care. It sucks because she doesn't believe me.

  • Hello I can totally relate to you. Years ago I was a single mom of a little boy. I went through depression and anxiety. I couldn't stand all the worries and stress I was going through. My family was quick to judge me saying I was crazy and needed help. One of my sisters even called me a crazy bitch and to stay away from her and her kids cause I had gone nuts on them cause they had gotten me mad. That was the beginning of my whole Anxiety dilemma. I felt like my world was crumbling down. Felt like dying and the ones I NEEDED understanding and love turned away from me. Luckily my father and small sister were there to try to understand me. Lightly and with distance but it felt so good to have a bit of hope someone cared. With much prayer I discovered God. I accepted I had sined for many years and thought I all deserved it. I was having one of the toughest panic attacks and I was just worn out! I raised my hands and felt like my soul was about to depart. I felt like I was dying. With out any strength left I asked God to forgive me if he didn't want to give another chance at life I was willing to accept it. I slowly fell to the ground and I felt a need to get up. I felt God had heard my plea and had seen I was truly repented I asked him to come to my life I was his to have .

    Until now, I can say it hadn't been easy but I have faith and assurance he's been by my side all through the storm. I hope this helps. Know you are NOT ALONE. I'll be here if you need to chat

  • Thank you all so much. I feel way better now reading your replies :) It's good to know that I have new friends that I can talk too and that I'm not alone.

  • Hey i feel you! i'm going through the same thing! Here's my email cheito5701@yahoo.com, If you need someone to talk too ;)





  • Hi Sadgurl21, anxiety is an awful affliction for anyone, but it must be so much more difficult dealing with it completely on your own. You say your family mistreats you because of your anxiety. That has to be very tough and I'm sure must make your anxiety worse.

    I want you to know that you're not completely on your own. There are some wonderful, kind hearted, warm and decent people here on this forum that will listen to you, console you and just be there for you. I know it's not the same as having a good friend or a lover to put their arm around you and give you a hug. But it does help.

    I've had some great support on a different HealthUnlocked forum and I've been pleasantly surprised by the kindness and breadth of experience of forum users. Don't give up sadgurl. I've suffered with anxiety for years. I've tried so many ways to cope with it, some of them weren't just unhelpful but actually made things much worse.

    I can't offer you any advice as you haven't detailed any symptoms. But I can tell you that you don't have to feel lonely anymore. You've found this forum, please make use of it. There are many good and caring people ready to help and encourage you. Please stay strong.

    In sincere empathy and wishing you courage


  • Thank you ☺ Really appreciate that

  • You're not alone 😊 you have this wonderful community and we will be here for you and we will be there in good and bad, may God bless you 😊

  • Thank you! 😊

  • It is very sad that we have to feel so lonely, there isn't anything worse I'd say. I don't think anyone really understands anything about illness unless they can see it for themselves. When I had Cancer, so much support, everyone wants a piece of you, but anything to do with mental illness people run away, like it is a disease. My family all think it's just another bad day, she will be ok tomorrow. My husband just sweeps it under the rug and I try to do the things I have to but feel so empty inside and even having a big family can make you feel more lonely because of not having any support. I am sending a big tight hug to you right now.

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