I did it again!!

Happy Friday everyone. So I have another success story!

I was able to drive on a freeway that I haven't driven on in months. I seem to have MAJOR attacks when I drive on certain freeways. I had a job interview, so I was determined to get on this freeway and was not going to get off until I reached my destination. I did feel some anxiety....but I fought it and kept going. I didn't go as far on the freeway as I wanted, but I did go quite a ways!!

Please share your milestones from this week! No matter how big or small!

We're champions and we can beat these ugly things called Anxiety and Panic Attacks!!!


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11 Replies

  • That's amazing well done you I hope I feel better soon and can go out doors let alone drive x

  • Thanks Danielleapet. You will feel better soon. Take it slow. May go outside for a few minutes then come back in. Or maybe drive down the street then come back.

  • My small accomplishment for today was not calling the paramedics for the 3rd time this week during my panic attack :)

  • That's awesome Hdelmari. I almost called them last night. Had some pains in my chest and arm. It took everything I had NOT to call. Lord forbid they ever transport you to the hospital. It's like a million bucks!!!

  • They did last week actually! I'm not looking forward to that bill, hopefully my insurance will cover it. I have the same symptoms every day. I'm going to the cardiologist on Monday.

  • Yes, hopefully insurance does cover it. When the paramedics checked your vitals, were they normal? I also went to the cardiologists. I've had about 3 EKG's and a a stress test. Everything came back normal.

  • Yes they did and my ekg wasn't normal so that's why they took me in. I have a right bundle branch block, which is very common everyone says. Nothing else was found, but I'm still going to the cardiologist for peace of mind. Once they clear me I can focus on this darn anxiety.

  • Well I'm glad you're getting everything checked out. Better safe than sorry. I hope everything turns out ok.

  • Thank you! I hope so too :)

  • Let's put it into the universe.....everything WILL be ok!!

  • Thank you!!

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