Stupid thoughts

I was having a great day... driving my kids home a stupid thought of my heart stopping popped into my head. A rush of hot came over me. I had just been outside but the air was blowing still felt hot. Pulse felt as if it was racing but when I got home it was on 75. Sharp pain in center of chest but the hotness stopped. I felt ok but couldn't shake just a bad feeling. Took blood pressure it was perfect almost 125/68 pulse 70. Now I'm just freaking out something happened to my heart or is going to happen. Damn thoughts I hate this disease (health anxiety)


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  • Hi Aliciar, the best thing you can do when something like that happens, is to immediately start to take deep slow breaths. You may possibly be able to prevent the anxiety from escalating. The rush of adrenaline from the fear of it all made you hot. You saw when you got home that all your vitals were good. Those things happen but don't let it ever take over. You are in control of your life. Continue having a great day now :) xx

  • Thank you I know this but it gets so hard sometimes. I just wanna be normal. I'm suppose to go workout with a friend in a bit but I'm scared to now but I'm gonna do it anyways.

  • Definitely Aliciar. If you stay home, Anxiety wins. It happened, it's over with now and time for you to get on with more important things. You did good xx

    Enjoy your workout

  • Thank you it's a daily struggle but I'm learning to not to give in to the fear.

  • Panic attack!

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