The Mindful Way Through Depression by John Kabat zinn!

Hi everyone, yesterday some one shared something with me so I would now like give something back to people. The above title and book can be purchased from Amazon for as little as £10. It gives a comprehensive look into how depressed and anxious people think and feel and it gives a positive answer on how we can over come these thoughts and feelings. I know that there is a lot of material out there and it can be confusing and difficult to believe what people telling you to buy but this book was initially given to me by a health professional before I bought my own. I did not read if all at once, I read little bits at a time and then began to do the relaxation exercises which work fantastical for me! Slowly the book is making more and more sense.

As I said this book may not be for everyone but it has worked for me and its very cheap compared to some of the material out there!

Let me know if anyone buys one?


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  • Could you please tell us the name of the Book? Hopefully there will be something to help everyone of us a little in it. Thank you.

  • hi graham im going to order mine now thanks for the info, ill gie anything a try. x

  • Anxman its called " The MIndful Way Through Depression" It really simplifies things :-) I hope everyone can take something from it!

  • Thanks Graham, good luck with it.

  • I recommend this highly. There are also other books on MIndfulness which are excellent - but try this one first. I went on a course which was based on the work of Jon kabat-Zinn and it made such a lot of sense. Unfortunately I got out of the meditation habit and would love a refresher course. Sometimes the book, good as it is, just isn't enough and you benefit from doing it with others. There are sometimes courses at local Buddhist Centres - nothing to do with being a Buddhist, just that some of the meditations are very similar. So glad you are finding it helpful!

  • i did`nt oder the the mindful way through depression, i ordered the mindful way through anxiety, my anxiety & agoraphobia are more of a problem than the depression. if i can alliviate those the depression wont be bad either. well thats what im thinking.

  • Anxiety UK also sells a number of evidence based self-help books in our online shop,, including the popular 'Overcoming' series. And by purchasing through Anxiety UK you will also be supporting the charity so you're purchase goes twice as far!

    All the best everyone!

  • Thanks Yankee Doodle would you recommend anything for GAD?

  • Yes! Overcoming Worry is excellent. You can read more about it at You can purcahse it online or by ringing our helpline on 08444 775 774.

    Have a look at the shop as there are so many resources.

    Best wishes!

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