I Think I'm Onto Something

Years ago I suffered with debilitating back pain. Nothing helped! I tried and tired to cure myself and have doctors cure me, but to no avail. Then one day while I was in a drug store I was "given" the book Mind Over Back Pain by God as it was sitting out of place in the candy aisle just where I could find it.

I read it several times in a two day period and BAM, my back pain left and never came back. It's been 10 years without pain.

Well, 10 years without back pain. Instead I am now in horrible mental and physical pain with anxiety!!!! Just yesterday I was reading a blog about something entirely different from anxiety, and I saw the author's name-John Sarno. I went to Amazon and bought this book:


He says that just like physical pain, anxiety and depression is the body forcing repressed rage (anger, hurt, pain) to stay locked up in the subconscious mind. He says the subconscious is not very well developed, and thinks its job is to not let you feel anger or pain. The repression results in the pain coming out in bodily form with aches, anxiety, pain, etc.

First, it says people that suffer from this are usually:


People Pleasers

Have Low Self Esteem

Experienced Hurt or Trauma

Want to be Liked/Loved

Hurt Easily and more

I would LOVE to know how many of you find yourselves in the above categories?

Anyway, I am working with the techniques in the book to help me release the trauma that is coming out as anxiety, ear ringing, loss of appetite, chest pain, and more.

I REALLY hope this helps ALL of us!


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5 Replies

  • Definitely me! can't wait for your feedback on the book :-)

  • This has really helped I'm going to buy it now thank you for this post let me no how you get on x

  • Sorry is it called mind over back pain the book x

  • The original book I read is called Mind Over Back Pain: The Mind Body Connection. The book I am using for anxiety is this book: amzn.to/2gzj6xf

  • This sounds unbelievable want to read this book. Thank you

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