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Anxiety Effecting The Way You Think ?

I just hate how I could literally be in the best mood ever, but once my over anxious mind starts thinking about stuff to trip out about or worry about , I feed the negative thoughts with emotion and let them get the best of me. Sometimes it's overwhelming and I want to break down and ask why, and how did I end up dealing with something like this, it's crazy because whenever you feel better later and look back on the panic attack, what you were worrying about seems stupid.

For me it's just like I let anxiety make me think I'm having heart problems, not breathing right, I'm too itchy or something, just random thoughts like that, which drive me insane.

I remember being a kid and not having none of these thoughts then boom, here we are.

The best thing about this site is that we're not alone and we all know how it feels,

Before I found this website I thought I was the only person that ever felt like this, like I was losing my mind. I know eventually I'll completely get over this, but it'll all take time, for all of us.

Life can be a trip sometimes,

- Tabuu

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Kudos to your post man, Its just awesome.... Describes everything that every anxious bird around here has been through. Yes, this site is the best thing that makes me wanna take my mind off the anxiety. You are not alone. PEACE


Much love bro . !

And I'm always here if you need someone to talk to . !

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Two things you said are really good.

1)In our initial stage we feel like that you are the only one feeling like this and that is not true

2)whatever seems like hell and worrysome in the mood of anxiety same thing seems so casual and normal when you are not having anxious mind.

If you understand this things in the initial stage of your anxiety it is really helpful.

And when you have anxious mind do not sit alone just try to talk someone,

try to stay engage that is the only solution!!

Go out for movie , play any outdoor game which burns your adrenaline.

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Exactly bro . ! Keep your mind busy & distracted when you feel like you can't focus on positive thoughts,

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Remember when you are discontent and irritable you cannot sit at peace and look for something to do.....your mind is the same only it will make up stories, sometimes good(daydreaming)....or bad (worry/anxiety).

See them as just stories of the only really have this moment.

When you are calm you live in the moment...take care

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True, Live in the moment and not too much in the mind,

Try not to pay too much attention to the body or it'll drive you insane if you feed the negative thoughts


It helped me to laugh at them and say to myself "is this you making up another story"

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