Did some research of all the symptoms most of us are getting

Hi all, ive just done some search on Google for the symptoms most of we all are getting..if you guys can check for signs of Vitamin B12 deficiency it causes most of the symptoms that we are experiencing, ive just realized i was so weak one day i went to teh doctor and she gave me an Vitamin B12 injection i wont say it wasnt sore because it was lol but maybe because im a baby when it comes to injection, but it really helped me with getting my energy up and so i think you must go every 3months or so for the injection i think the injection is better than the tablet... so guys with the chest pains please try doping some research on lack of this im sure it will help??? let me know because im on a search to help all of us overcome this mwah!!! xxx


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  • I take a Vitamin B complex every morning that gives me 2000% of my RDA of B12, so I doubt I'm deficient in it. Have taken it every day for 6 months now. Preferable to injections IMHO ;). The body will not hold onto more Vit B than it needs as most of them are water soluble, so you just pee out the excess.

  • awesome info thanks :)

  • Hello there. I was tested for vitamin deficiencies and found that I was deficient in vitamin B12 and D. I got a shot too and take tablets. I've felt better, I can't say for sure that all the credit goes to vitamins, but it doesn't hurt. I also exercise regularly now and do yoga and meditation.

  • I recently asked my gp for b12 test and was told no as my last blood tests came back ok they would not test for b12 deficiency!

  • so great to hear Petita atleast its helping you in a way :) do you take the injection every 3months or only if need be?

  • Doctors tend to not giev you the injection if its not REALLY needed the day i got my first injection i was so weak i couldnt walk properly so that gave me a kick lol i was okay eversince but i think i need it again

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