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Help please feel like im going crazy


Im really hoping someone can help me. The last week i have been feeling like dog crap. I feel weak, dizzy, lightheaded, vision is all screwy, i have this like weird feeling constantly cant sleep very well because of the feeling, my body is all aches and pains. nausea can this really be just anxiety? Im freaking out thinking something is really wrong with me.

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But it sounds like you've been getting physical symptoms of anxiety for 10 years, so this should be similar.

I have all the symptoms you're speaking of right now! Have been under a lot of stress and depression lately. I assumed it was anxiety, and I think a lot of it is, but I did finally go to the doctor and got some antibiotics for what turned out to be a bacterial sinus infection, fluid behind the ears, and walking pneumonia so that helped. It probably wouldn't hurt to get checked out. I think my anxiety is exacerbating a lot of the symptoms. In any event it was never anything life-threatening so I hope that makes you feel better.

Thank you..went to the doctor and i have an infection. so im on antibiotics for that which is making me feel better but my anxiety is still kicking my ass..hopefully its just a bad month and it will get better soon

Same here. Doctor told me I'm sick and I should expect to be sick but yet I'm still anxious about it because I feel funny.

Do you still have these symptoms I’ve had them five years now :( if you stopped having them what helped you

Yeah all the time. It never goes away it is just different mixes. I'm either dizzy and achy or something else. It's a constant battle

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