I can barely do anything without feeling like i'm going to pass out

I've had blood work, EKGs, a CAT scan, thyroid tests- all the tests pretty much and nothing's wrong. But it never fails, whenever I try to do anything, like fold clothes or take a shower, my heart starts pounding like crazy, not very fast, but HARD. I get dizzy, lightheaded and nauseous, I feel like I'm going to faint. Basically I feel like I ran a mile when I'm barely exerting any energy. Sometimes it's a lot worse than other times. Right now is one of the bad ones. I was folding clothes and now I feel like I'm fighting to stay awake. A lot of the times when it happens I'm not even having anxiety! Once it starts happening I start to panic though, of course. And I've tried "fighting through it", but it only results in me getting MORE tired. I feel like I'm living with a terminal illness. Does anyone else have this? How do you cope?


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  • that is how i feel lately, that's why i just lay around a lot since my heart is basicly pounding lo of the time in a relaxed state as it is....but some days are better than others. I'm trying to find ways to deal with it, remedies...I hope you feel better!

  • Yes me right here...ive done all tests on the heart and ct scan. Im scheduled next month for a neurologist because my gp couldnt see a thing all my tests comes back normal, they want to know what causes my dizziness my gp doesnt want to jump into conclusions that it is anxiety he wants to check deeper before he recommends me to a pschologists and ive got to gps looking after me...r u dizzy too?? Or am a the only who is dizzy everyday!

  • I'm very dizzy! Sometimes I feel like I'm going to fall over or the worlds going to spin out from under me. Even when I'm sitting down! but of course nothing ever happens.

  • I am dizzy everyday. It's been five months. Nothing found. Hope we can get some solutions.

  • take the day easy. a little and often but don't put yourself under pressure. there is always another day.

    review what you have achieved in day. you will be surprised

  • You are not alone. We have a group of people feel the same way. I have been dizzy for five months now. I did lots of testing. Nothing yet. Hope we can figure things out.

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