I have been struggling with Health Anxiety for quite a while now, it all flared up recently when I started to get indigestion pretty much 24/7. in a panic I went to see my GP who did a FBC (mainly to reassure me) and sent me for some Counselling re all my worries. FBC came back normal so I have really tried to relax which has been going well indigestion, again pretty much non-stop has returned. Does anyone else suffer from this and if so, what can I do to calm it down? It is wearing me out and freaking me out too! Thank you so much for your replies :) xx


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  • I've suffered from indigestion for as long as I can remember and never leave the house without Gaviscon tablets and as I'm writing this I realise I sound like an advert for Gaviscon!! They work for me though. As does watching what I eat and I read somewhere that green grapes help so I tried that and they did but carrying grapes around all day just isn't practical :) Good luck.

  • Hi - I suffered it a lot before I got treatment for the anxiety - it's a common experience for anxiety sufferers. I rarely get it now I have had treatment. Are you getting any treatment for the anxiety?

  • Hi Hollow and Karrl

    Thank you so much for your replies-it is so helpful to be reassured. Yes, I am being seen privately for CBT but not sure how much it is helping. The problem is I develop a 'symptom' and my mind goes into complete overdrive. Have tried Ranatadine which has helped a little but still indigestion there pretty much all the time and then of course the never-ending worrying. Am really limited as to what I can take as still breast-feeding my toddler. I am just so fed up of the constant worrying! Thank you again :) x

  • Heya, try some actual heartburn tablets, not the chewable ones, I always find they help me. I seem to have this problem usually in the morning and evening I burp loads which obviously is a bit unattractive! The tablets help the indigestion, sadly not burping!

  • Lo-sec (omeprazole) was helpful for me - you have to get it through the GP on prescription. Good luck with the CBT - hope you can benefit from it as much as I did.

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