Feeling ill 24/7

Hi I'm 21 and I have suffered anxitey for three years this anxitey has taken everything from me, I can't work I can't go out I can't see friends it's not social anxitey I'm just to ill to go out i sufer with symptoms 24/7 does my head in its so hard, but no one understands me really they all think I'm crazy but I'm not I'm a proper hypicrodrac I panic over things I didn't even know was possible I don't know who I am anymore hahaha I live in a totally different world I had blood test a few years ago and they came back okay I can't go and get more done because I'm to ill to go outside but latterly I have had this like rattle tight chest thing with random pains all over my body I feel like a nerve or something moves at the sode of my head I get heart Palpatations randonally shooting pains in head really sore inner ears dizzyness pretty much all day my body and head always shakes but inside there's so much I just can't explain it feel like I'm waiting to die, I have had every anxitey symptom I just just get scared when it gets this intense so you think I have suffered with panic attack s been to hospital but I can control them alot more now I just don't know about all these other symptoms


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  • Hello

    I feel your pain. Right now I have been suffering from anxiety and panic attacks and it sucks! Have you tried talking to a specialist? Like a phycologist or psychiatrist? Sometimes that helps.

    Best of Luck

  • you totally just explained me and how i feel!!! its scary and depressinh and i cant help but dread an fear the thing i feel or think its all day everyday on a good day i can for quick minute be able concentrate on doin something like laundry simple task but it comes back to fast

  • Eddy96, anxiety and panic disorder is like a toxin that comes out of us due to a deeper reason. Like a trama or anything that affected you greatly that was never dealt with just put inside buried. Panic and anxiety will not cause you to die .. your body goes on flight mode meaning it's protecting itself from your thoughts of the worst . And so it speeds up the body .Our brain pruduces adrenaline and it has to go some where because panic comes from our subconcious. . Anxiety will make your body hurt cause u tense up . Try just letting the anxiety come and tell yourself your ok and think posative stuff and see how long it takes for it to go away .. I hope this helps take care

  • Hello Eddy96

    This has really got to a stage where you need professional help. Do you live alone or at home? There has to be a reason in your life that has made you like this. Another problem is it is stopping you going out and having a normal life. Please phone your doctor and explain the situation, the more you are shut indoors the worse you will get. Can you download things? Hope you can as you need to download relaxation ASAP listen to it over and over until you become so relaxed you start to forget about the things plaguing you. Do you have anyone who can help you to attend your GP or clinic? We can support you on this site but I can read between the lines and see that in your case professional help is needed. At 21 you should be going out having a job and enjoying being young. Do not despair if you get help this week then you will be on the way to recovery. Be firm with the receptionist at the GP's as they can be an obstacle at times. Let me know how you get on, rest assured that you will get better😊🤗 I know that you are strong enough to do this 🤗🤗xx

  • Thank you so much for the reply and these kind words :) I have an appointment with a councillor in Two weeks so it's a start I guess thank you again xx

  • How did you suffer from this ? because im right im going through the same thing for four months i cant enjoy my self and go out have fun do things that i use to do before and im only 20 all this happen because i was smoking weed around thanks giving cought a panick attack ever sense never been the same again my heart always racing and alot of other sympthoms in my body its wierd and my head be the worst and my vision seem to be all like a dream or un real lets say its a crazy feeling feel like im just going crazy the weed wasnt even laced my friend was calm i was just going nuts but i guess the weed triggered it or something im just in a sad case now

  • That's exactly what happened to me I was smoking weed for years then out of nowhere this hit me and I still have it three years I stopped the weed as it was magnifighing my symptoms ad making them worse the hardest part was expecting and trying to figure out what this is, you will never actually understand it but you learn how to cope better I always feel like I'm walking on a cloud constantly dizzy it's like I can only see what's in front of me and everything around me is blury and weired I don't take medication just because I read lots of shit about what that medicine can do to you then I convince myself this is going to happen but it works for some people are you on any medication at all have you have you had and help and you should never Google things as it sends your mind into over drive but I'm addicted have you ever looked charles linden he has a few youtube videos ans explains alot it helped me abit alot my be worth a try looking it up tale care x

  • Yeah its a crazy feeling i get all of that i just try to fight this yeah i seen therpist and gave me meds but honestly i dont take them at all and they gave me a beta blocker for my heart rate is usally more of that my heart im worried about and my head sometimes the feeling its just wierd i never had it before first time experincing this type of stuff never suffered from anything

  • Well done Eddy the quicker you get help the quicker you get better. Keep me posted xx

  • Try a social worker councilor/ therapist. They help. Not overnight, but the past 10 I have been to a few and little tips which one helped me get through my anxiety/panic attacks. I also tried lexapro, it worked for my anxiety. You have to talk yourself throught them, its a process, but there are ways to get help. Go to your doctor, or even er and get started on your healing process. Good luck to you. Xo

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