Heartburn- Indigestion

Strange question but it seems like over the past week or so since my anxiety has heightened I have a lot "belching/burping" issues. Does anyone else deal with this? 


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  • Hi Beth,   what you are experiencing is swallowing "air" because of the anxiety. Not only when you eat but anytime.  You are probably mouth breathing w/o knowing it. Also don't chew gum too often because it makes you swallow air between chews.  Try to do some slow deep breathing to break the cycle of panting or holding your breathe. Sometimes knowing why things are happening will lessen the anxiety.   x

  • Thank you,  it causes chest pain and what feels like heart flutters which makes my anxiety worse. Good to know I'm not imaging this. 

  • Beth,  air will push against the heart and cause harmless flutters.  I know anything causes our anxiety to escalate.  Believe me, I get the same thing.  The other day my blood pressure was unusually low for me. The minute I saw that, the thought of something being wrong made my b/p go up to very high reading.  Of course, I was able to turn it around quickly by deep breathing and removing myself from the b/p machine.  That's how powerful our thoughts can be.  You are not imaging it, there is usually a reason for why these things happen.

  • Thanks! 

  • Yes! It happens to me. Agora1 is right. By the way, I just received my Magnesium purchase from Dr. Carolyn Dean and I will let you know how I do with it. I read the book years ago, but I just want tout it into practice now. I need to take charge of my life without anxiety!!!

    Beth, I do a lot of decaffeinated herbal teas and it helps a bit. But try breathing exercises.

  • Yes and yes I get it also lol 

  • Me too 😉

  • It makes me feel so much better knowing that others experience this and that I'm not loosing "it"... Thanks! 

  • I went through that about a week ago

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