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Hi all my lovelies just spent 4hrs in hospital not been home long and still getting pains in the middle of my chest they are like piercing stabbing pains and if i move quick they really hurt feels like my chest is splitting in two had ecg and bloods again bruised and drained not much sleep last night and looks like not much tonight as my chest is still really hurting so worried but hospital told me everything is fine but cant convince myself also my left arm is numb again cant cope with this constant worry and stress keep telling myself its prob just heart burn stitch or indigestion but its so not working guys :( xxxxxxxxx

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No love does it work and can it really feel this painfull heart burn its like sharp intense pains in the middle chest and to the left it really has freaked me out this last couple of days and is so painful really panicked me cos it still hurts xxxx


Aw no! I had bad night n im bad again now, pains again. I get exactly what youre describing. What did the hospital say to u? Xxx


Hi sheffield , I messaged you , wondered where you was , pleased you are on here chatting

I get terrible indegestion , have done for years , when I first started getting it was like you thought it was my heart , would panic , its the anxiety that causes it , still get it , but so use to it now & no it can only be that , because of all these years I have had it

They have checked you out so many times , if there was anything else wrong they would have found it , they wouldnt let you out , would be more than there job was worth

Have you noticed you get this worse after certain foods , like if i eat greasy , fried or spicy , its so much worse , try & take note if you find that happens , bad indigestion , can feel like your heart

Have you asked your GP if they could give you something for it , I take Alverine , since taking that its been so much better , just et it bad if I eat the wrong things now

You would go down in medical history my love by now , for the longest heart attack ever (hope you dont mind me saying that ) I no what health anxiety is like

My dad had heart attacks , he is still here at 77 , he never had symptoms like you , infact he always felt well to be honest & when they happened they just came out the blue , i dont think you get this much warning

Wish I could give you peace of mind my love , no we are all here for you






Not bad hun , what about you ?



i get the same thing! a sharp needle like pain in my chest sometimes it runs down my arm into my finger it lasts for about 20 mins or so, i also have been to the hospital and they didnt find anything wrong with me, im sure it wasnt heartburn because ive had that and know what it feels like this was like a shooting pain and i usually get it when im worrying etc just relax and it will pass take some gaviscon and see if it helps as it could be heartburn but with me its not, propranolol helps since taking that i hardly get it anymore.


What did the hospital say? If you're still suffering you could go back there and ask what's causing it. Try and take someone with you. You can also ring NHS Direct anytime. Do you think its just anxiety? Hope you feel better soon. Keep positing.


Hi Me Duck sorry you having a tough time. I know we should not Google but have a look at Vagas Nerve on You Tube quite interesting.I had sharp pains in centre of chest last night and frightened me to death. Strange how we can can get severe pain anywhere else and dont ring Ambulance. The blood test would have shown up any Cardiac Episode even the slightest one so Cognitive thinking sweetheart ITS NOT YOUR HEART!!!



sheffield anxiety can cause alot of crap in the mind and body. they did a ekg on your heart and found it normal. its a wonder they didnt give you something to calm you down next time ask. there is no need for you to suffer like this. seek help and get yourself better. ive been there and found out that some docs. dont have a clue about anxiety or panic.


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