Mad dizziness!!!

Was digonosed with health ocd and health anixty 5 month's ago, since then my life has been like living in hell. I have all the symptoms everybody else has, but slowly got past them and learnt to deal with it. The one thing that is bothering me now is dizzinees/light headedness, i feel horriable! Ive had it for 3 days now pretty much all day non stop, it makes me worry a lot and im so scared! I feel like im constantly falling, loosing my head and heads constantly feels like its moving even if its not! Its worse when i lye down or try to go to sleep in bed at night, been staying up till atleast 3am and its draining me! My question is, is this anixty? Or is dizziness something else? Im still going out and trying to be normal but its still there.


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  • I have this it terrifies me. I've had a brain mri and it was normal. Apparently it's caused by breathing when we're anxious. But for me it comes out of nowhere and then stays for the day, even when I don't feel anxious. I feel like the room is moving and the floor is moving but I'm not

  • Yes and me, im really bad right now i dont know what to do, cant walk about cant lie down cant stand up.. i dont know what to do, feels like im swaying.. had it for 3 days and im soo dizzy

  • I have been doing lots of research ,Because I myself have been experiencing a lot of dizziness and lightheadedness and eye strain. But I haven't been having the typical racing heart and chest pains so I was confused . What I found is that when the body is under a large amount of stress for a long period of time , you're adrenal glands eventually tire and run out. I think this is what has happened to me. I have noticed every time I stand I get black spots which indicates low blood pressure ... but a few weeks ago it was high blood pressure .. well, your adrenal controls blood pressure and when it's tired and burnt out from panicking every single day for months it no longer causes rapid heartbeat and chest pains and shortness of breath.. it's the opposite , you have low blood pressure , dizziness , blurred vision, sometimes even passing out. You may still feel anxious , but you're making it worse by being more anxious becsuse your adrenal is trying to pump and freak out but it's so tired it no longer can properly, causing these effects of dizziness and low bp .. if that makes any sense . It's easier to explain talking to somebody lol. So I've come to the conclusion that's what my problem is now and am experiencing! So I'm now trying to get my adrenal glad back on track and in balance in natural ways! Just started doing this yesterday so hoping this will help over time! This will take time to get back to normal. Just a thought for you possibly!

  • Thankyou for your reply, i dont know what it is i just feel so dizzy like im going to fall over my heads spinning and swaying like im on a boat i cant sit down cant stand up cant lye down i dont know what to do 😭 isit just anixty or something else

  • How are you trying to get back to normal? Can you offer any tips

  • Im not im sat on edgd of my bed crying? Feeling so dizzy is it anixty or something else

  • Have you been to the doctors?

  • Yes got diganosed with anixty

  • If they suspected anything else they would have sent you for an MRI like they did with me x

  • So is dizziness just anixty? This falling feeling and swaying

  • I read that salt intake is one of the best ways . Your adrenal gland runs off of a lot of salt , so when it's basically fried it has used up all of your body's salt causing low bp. My wholistic doctor recommends I have at least a tsp of sea salt a day, 2 if I feel like I need it. I also got a supplement from her called adrenal support which you can order online with is basically going to help it get back to normal function. It contains liqurice root which is very good I read online and my wholistic dr told me. I'm taking drops of it in my water through out the day along with taking the pill .

  • Thanks for this post. I was wondering why my blood pressure goes up to normal on the weekends lol no work or excess stress.

  • That makes a lot of sense actually!

  • Crying doesn't help. It's good to get a good cry out every now and then ,but not like this. I know you're upset and don't understand why your dizzy but you're putting your body in an even worse panicking mode by setting off the hormones in your brain when you cry by being so upset. I know you feel dizzy, but get out of your dark room and go outside and walk up and down your drive way.. listen to some happy , calming music . Don't dwell.

  • So is this dizziness lightheadrd felling like im going to fall on a boat everythings moving around me.. is it just anixty?

    Im so scatrd i keep thinking about going to the hospital

  • 9 out of 10 times if you go to the hospital complaining of dizziness and you tell them that you're anxious about it... they are going to tell you it's anxiety and send you home. Diziness is a common symptom of anxiety. Clearly you are anxious if you're on here being scared of feeling dizzy ... get out of the house and quit pay so much attention to your body. Get some fresh air. I'm telling Myself the same thing I'm telling you everyday!

  • I didnt know anixty can cause dizziness, its been a stressful week with my boyfriend keeps aruguing,and i havent been sleeping till atleast 3 am, and im going to magaluf onfriday, i dont know what it is i feel like im going to fall over and now have a massivr pain in bafk of my head? Is it a brain tumour or cancer or somethint

  • If you had a brain tumour other things would be effected. You have hit tj nail on your head. You're exhausted and stressed with your boyfriend and going away. You need a good nights sleep and to take away the stress xx

  • Your getting pain in your head now because you've stressed your body out. You just need to calm down and not jump to worse case scenario of cancer or brain tumor. I highly doubt that. Anxiety can pretty much make you feel any pain or way you can imagine yourself feeling. You can think it and then make yourself manifest the actual pain or symptom. Walking outside always help me! I suggest you do that no matter who you feel

  • Will i have this forevet now frelibg dizzy

  • No you won't have this forever. sounds like you need to educate yourself of anxiety and all of its ugly symptoms . The way to over come it is by facing it head on and not letting it scare you .. to where you don't jump to having a brain tumor or cancer .. and trust me I'm only 19 and trying to overcome this crap myself. You are not alone! Hope you find some peace soon

  • I have been soo good the chest pains and heart palpitations went and dissapperared.. but now this dizziness statted set me rifht bacm

  • I get this all the time and I've been told it's anxiety. Have you got anything you can do tonight to distract yourself - reading? Watch tv or a film? Cooking some nice food? - nice bath? If your parents are in the house go sit with them and tell them how your feeling. If you distract yourself and start to calm down and relax a little (easier said than done) your body will relax and breathing will go back to normal and you should feel better.

  • I hope so had it all day for 3 days though feel like im going to fall over, and heads just constant swaying, i dont know how to stop it! I didnt know anixty could do this to you, i had heart pupliutations and all that but not this dizziness

  • Try get a good nights sleep. Do something relaxing go for a nice walk. Hopefully you will feel better soon xxx

  • Thankyou.. just want to know when this will stop, frel like im going to fall and constantly swaying

  • It will stop when you start relaxing and let your body let go of all the adrenaline. You just need to stop worrying and relax and I'm 99% sure you will be fine in the morning if you get a good nights sleep. When I'm tired (I too was arguing constantly with my boyfriend) /and I was a mess. When we were in the car I'd feel like I had to get out of the car cos it wasn't safe cos I was so dizzy. It was all my body's way of coping with stress and tiredness and the constant anxious feeling of arguing with my boyfriend. When we didn't argue and I was getting enough sleep cos I wasn't sat up worrying about him and trying to sort things out with him. It was a total different ok strssse to hell at work and with my masters and the dizziness is nack. But today I allowed myself to relax and be me and do things I enjoy and just slowed myself down, -and I'm absolutely fine at present xx

  • Yeah, ive had it since Friday though, and me and my boyfriend broke up sunday.. dodnt speak all week then Thursday night i messaged him qnd slowly sorted things out then froday felt so dozzy and sinfe then hasnt stopped xx

  • It's the stress you've placed your body under.. the arguing the worry thate nights the hurt the upset, mixed feelings when sorting out. The breakup itself. Your body can't take no more. It's screaming at you to say take some time out. And stay calm. If you are worried about a brain tumour there would be nausea headaches, whatever part of your brain was effected would show other symptoms. You wouldn't be sat typing to me, you would have taken yourself to hospital. Deep down you know it's anxiety. Anxiety is horrible disease to have. I wouldn't wish it on my worse nightmare, but it's your bodies way of screaming st you to slow down xxx

  • But im not worried or panicking i feel fine other than the dizziness, its really bad now im so scared, i want to go to hospital but mums saying dont be so stupid.. i feel like my heads so tight and constantly feel like im lossing my hesd you know xx

  • You are panicking about the dizziness making it a million times worse xxx

  • So when will it go how will it go? Im fed up of it keep cryinf dont know whay to do with kysdlf xx

  • Do all what I said above. If you sit and just focus on this you will make it worse xx

  • So go out do something take my mind of it and push through it? And u sure its just anixty nothinf serouis xxx

  • Take your mind off it. Relax tonight. Getva goids night sleep. Enjoy your holiday. Be kind to your body with vegetables and fruit. When you are truly relaxed your body will relax and symptoms will go away. I'm 99% it's nothing serious. You've just got yourself so worked up. We have all been there and I had it yesterday and I'm fine today. Dokt have any alcohol it will make it worse.

    If the dizziness hasn't gone by the end of the week go to the doctors as you may have an ear infection. Don't worry though it is nothing serious if it even does turn out to be that. But I geneuonly feel you have delayed anxiety and tiredness. If I thought any different I'd tell you to go to the hospital now xx

  • I went for a walk felt better but now im back home feel dizzy and horriable all over again, i hate feeling like this.. do you think i could be inemic? Like wherr i have low iron. Or no? So you deffo think its just anixty thats making me dizzy and sway and all this xxxx

  • Did you start thinking about it when you come home? Have you had a good nights sleep? How are you feeling today? ..xx

  • I supose i did becauss i was alone when i came home then nothing to thing about, i feel asleep id say about 1am did wake up a few times & just properly woke up now at 1230pm lol, i have a day off work today! So was allowed a lye in! I still feel dizzy and swaying and my head feels really tight and pressure today xxxx

  • Hi Beckxx3 I have those same dizzy spells around that time of the month! It drives me insane but soon after its over I'm back to normal and I've only been this way as I got older I'm only 37 I was thinking it was early menopause 😕. Hope this helps!!

  • Well i don't know what it is but ive been dizzy non stop for 4 days now, everyones telling me its anixty but ibwant it to stop its terrifying xx

  • It is anxiety. I and everyone before me has had this. The only person that can help it is yourself, you need to stop fixating on it being something else. If it was something neurological or serious there would be more worrying symptoms at hand than dizziness and the pain would be excruciating. The brain is a very sensitive location, especially since it controls every nerve in your body. If you have a brain tumour or something serious to you, you would know it, the pain would but first indication and not just a little pain, a lot like the same level as the worst migraine ever and you would most like have been having fits of collapsing, so stop worrying about it being serious because it's not. We are all not just bluffing and telling you this as a lie, we are telling you it because we've all experienced and experience it from time to time. Just dwell in the dizness and accept it and go find something you enjoy doing, go out a short walk or do some medication or close your eyes and listen to music that makes you feel good.

    I had anxiety related dizziness for a week and a half. It can last a few days of a week or so, it all depends on how quickly you can just accept and forget that it's happening and it will pass.

    I used to get it that bad it standing up felt like the room was going left to right in a earthquake, I used to laugh at how clumsy I felt because it was like a drunk lol.

    I used to also go work with this dizness, so you can endure it, you just have to accept it and take the step towards in fixing it, rather than dwelling on it or overthinking about other issues that don't excist. It will pass, don't think of when it will pass, just do things that bring to joy then suddenly it goes away and you feel silly for even worrying about it.

  • I had such a bad day today... dizzy all day at work at restaurant, i cried i panicked i just font know what to do or how to, im so convinced its something serouis.. its been 5 days now, and its gettin worse, i cant lie down sleep, walk, work, anything, just constantly feel in a daze.. and im going majorca on friday, i dont think i can go:'( i need it to stop. What do i do :'(

  • You can't stop it, you've just got to endure it and try to calm down. It's your panicking that's prolonging it. Just pretend like you are tipsy and that will take your mind off it. You have to stop panicking though, you've already established that it's not a serous medical issue, so that should take your mind off it. Just remeber it's only due to your adrenaline glands being used to much.

    If you can't stop freaking out, then I don't know what to suggest as I just accepted it and didn't let it get to me no matter how dizzy I was because I just remembered that it's nothing tedious and it's normal.

    Book and appointment with a doctor if you really can't handle it, they will just suggest what we all have suggested because that's all that causing it is panic, if you remain calm and don't fixate on it, then it subsides in a few days, but if you panic it doesn't go away. The doctor might give you medication for anxiety to suppress your panicking or they Mage suggest thearpy.

    So best bet if you can't calm down on your own, is go to your local clinic and they will put you anxiety medication to help you out.

    Usually anxiety sufferers have ways of coping and living with anxiety, as do myself, but for some people like yourself in this case simple cannot for the love of them control the anxiety and digs them deeper into the disorder and they lose control of it.

    Anxiety never goes away but it can be managed by finding ways to live with it, but as I said for the short time method if you feel like you are losing control with your condition, then ask your doctor to be put in anxiety medication just now and then maybe speak to a therapist in the long run and try to get a professional to try and find solutions for you to live with anxiety.

    So yeah go see the doctor, get meds and go and enjoy yourself on holiday. Being somewhere in the sun chilling by the pool and having fun will make your anxiety symtoms a lot better due to our mind being at ease and not stressing out.

  • Yeah i supose so.. i was at group counclsing tonight went in and after 5 minutes had to leave because i felt soooo dizzy i cried and spoke to the lady 1 on 1, and she told me its 1000% just my anxity.. but i do find it hard to believe.. when i am distracted its still there but doesnt bother me as much and sometimes not even there.. but its worse at night or if im our purposly trying to distract myself, sometimes its so bad i wanna just cry and i cant cope.. i guess its just the same as my heart palpitations and my headaches less i think of it the quicker it will go away? I dont know but i dont ferl anxouis atall.. and i aint worried about anything, but i can sit here and feel so light headed like im swaying or head is falling or i am falling!! Its a horrible symptom.. its hard not to think about it when it has such a impact on everything you do, when its contsantly there no matter what you do, where as heart pals and headaches dissapear this is here all the time..

  • Yeah I know how you feel, the anxiety tricks your mind into thinking that doctors and mental health doctors are not taking your symptoms serious and you always feel like it might be something worse but they are quickly dismissing you. You just have to try and remember that they are actually being legit and it's your mind that's overthinking and trying to trick you. The extreme dizziness happens to us all, it's not the best anxiety side effect, it's really horrible at times, but you will be glad to know that it doesn't happen all the time. You will have spells of it being as extreme as it is just now and then you will not experience something like that again if you manage to find a way to cope with it, it generally never comes back but you have try and improve your overall anxiety levels to keep it away.

    Yes I'm the same as yourself, I'm not an anxious person or at least I don't feel like I am, I'm very outgoing and happy person, so when I was diagnosed with severe GAD, I was confused about it. Doctors would tell me to find what triggers it and I wouldn't be able to as I never feel scared or nervous and never have. They then told me that a lot of anxiety patients are normal outgoing people that don't realise that they are sub consciously burying their stress and worries , obviously this makes anxiety kind of hard to keep control of.

    As I said above try s course of medication,see if that helps the short term until you feel better and can properly tackle the disorder.

    If CBT treatment is available in your country, then go for that as well, it's not just therapy where the therapist sits around and listens to talking away. They are trained psychologists that challenge your thoughts and try to drag out any deep rooted anxieties and fear and try to resolve them and get your way of thinking back to how it was before. CBT treatment is making big breakthroughs in patients with anxiety and depression and is highly recommended by doctors. So give that a try along with like some Meds and I'm sure you will get better and then be able to dose down the meds and then give them up and be able to control your anxiety and get your quality of life back.

    I mean you already seems to control some of your anxiety, in your case your seem to handle the heart palpitationswell , which I cannot, each time I get prolonged spells of them, they trigger massive adrenaline release, it's like everytime there is feeling in my chest my body like sub consciously goes into fight or flight mode and then palpitationshappen every minute and don't stop for ages. It's not nice but it just shows that everybody with anxiety has at least something they find it hard to control, so your not alone with struggling to get your body to not panic with some symptoms. The main thing is to just remember that we got all these crazy symptoms but they happen all the time so it's obviously not life threating, unnerving maybe, but not life threating or a health issue.

    Oh and I forgot to mention try some meditation , but on some chakra balancing music from YouTube (it has hundreds of different specific meditation playlists) and just sit and meditate. If you do at least half and hour per day it brings your stress levels right down. Just sit in a comfortable position, put earphones in and do deep breathing exercises, close your eyes and just focus on not fixating on your thoughts, it's not easy to begin with but just try to feel relax and any thought that pops into your head, don't think about it just let it into your mind and pass, it will toe a while for you to get use to not challenging your thoughts but afterward it makes it easier when going about your normal day and literally not getting tied down to your thoughts , so you never overthink again be used that's what anxiety is, just your brain thinking about too much all the time, we've got to learn to try and control it and just don't think about most things.

  • Thank you so much for your reply and all your help! I had cbt trainin for 6 weeks, then i felt so good after nearly back to normal, then this dizzinsss statdd last friday and im back to feeling anixouis and horrible again, i cant beiebe this dizzinss has lastest this long and is only anixty!

  • Sorry to interject but feel that I have to say that you do not have to live with anxiety. Cure lies within but you have to do the opposite of what you have probably been doing from day 1. That is, trying to control it, trying to get rid of it, trying to ignore it, trying to push it away trying to find the answers to make it go away.

    It is all the trying that keeps anxiety alive and kicking. If you want to try something that will bring peace of mind and body, try doing the opposite by doing nothing about the thoughts and feelings. Learn to be ok about not feeling ok and recovery will come to you.

    Best wishes


  • Thankyou, ive been fine and coping with all the other anixty symptoms but the dizzinss is by far the worst, and i dont know what to do whatever i do i feel so lighrheaded as im swaying or going to fall.. not dizzy as ive just been on a spinning rollocaster just woozy you know? And i keep getting told this is anixty! But why i dont understand..

  • If you read my posts, they may provide some of the answers and also what you need to do to recover. You just have to learn to accept all the anxiety symptoms and carry on with your life, regardless how you feel. The symptoms are just an outlet for the anxiety and completely harmless. If you worry about them, it means you are living in fear of them which just keeps you in the anxiety cycle. Remove the fear and the anxiety will melt away gradually.


  • So you think this week long dizziness is just anixty, from my adrenaline rush from being so stressed, worrying & anxouis? But once i stop being stressed will dissapearr x

  • Yes. The following list of Symptoms of anxiety is taken from a website called Anxiety No More. This website is one of the two reasons why I recovered. The other reason is a book I read (several times until it sunk in) called Essential help for your nerves by Dr Claire Weekes. This list is not exhaustive so there are probably lots of other symptoms.

    Blurred Vision, eye floaters.

    Shortness of Breath.

    Difficulty swallowing, lump in throat.

    Headaches, tight band around head.

    Pins and needles feeling in arms and legs.

    Feeling dizzy, unbalanced.

    Feelings of anxiousness and dread.

    Unable to think clearly.

    Feeling like you are going crazy.

    Emotionless, lack of feeling for anyone or anything.

    Ringing ears.

    Hyperawareness of oneself.

    Strange, obsessive thoughts.

    Feeling overwhelmed, cannot cope.

    Racing heart

    Lack of sleep.

    Difficulty communicating with others.

    Lack of sex drive.

    Fear of being sick.

    Feelings of anxiousness.

    Constantly Irritable.


    Feelings of depression.

    Feeling unreal, detached from the world around you.

    Hyperactive, unable to relax.

    Lack of energy, constantly tired.

    No interest in life.

    Paranoia about what people think.

    Constantly worrying.

    Dry mouth.

    At a rough count, I think I experienced 19 of those on my journey to recovery. Shame I couldn't complete the full set 😂😂 dizziness was not on my list But it doesn't matter. Just don't look out for them. Just put them all under one heading. ANXIETY. then move on with your life

  • Yeah ive had about 16.. but i can cope with all the symptoms.. as time went on i learnt to cope, but this dizziness has really thrown me.. eveeything i do i feel off balance or as im falling... the chest pains dissapear after a week, headaches lastest 2 months, tingly feeling now and again, and rest now and again.. but this dizziness been a week straight and i walked out of work and my counclising session. I need it to stop😟😓 everything i do its there.. and noone believes me and all say its in my head im just trying to make it stop and trying to find out why its happening, and everyone keeos saying anixy.. but i dont feel anxouis it will happen when im led in bed all day constantly i cant be anxouis for all that time surly. Im getting on a plane for holiday in 2 hours.. i dont want to feel this way when im away..

  • Beck. At its height, I felt anxious 24 hours a day! 7 days a week. It wasn't stress, I was in distress. Horrendous. I pleaded with the doctors to let me take triple doses of diazepam to help calm me down. I felt my head was going to explode. It was a pressure cooker. I couldn't rest, I couldn't sit still, couldn't focus on anything. I just wanted to relax but couldn't.

    The fact that you are complaining about it suggests to me that it is anxiety. If you have had tests and your doctor has said the same, accept what they are telling you. I refused to believe my doctor that my bowel trouble wasn't cancer. I kept worrying about it so much, my nerves became sensitised because I had given them a good battering. When your nerves are constantly battered with fear, it manifests itself as anxiety. If I can recover from this, so can you and anybody else suffering from anxiety.

    Now, get on that plane and go on holiday. Take the anxiety with you. If you feel crap, let yourself feel crap. If you feel great, good but don't cling on to the good feelings in the same way you don't want to cling on to the bad feelings. Accept the good and the bad in equal doses. You can't force it away. Anxiety loves any type of resistance because it sends the wrong message to your brain. It thinks there must still be a problem do keeps your nerves on high alert, keeps them sensitised, keeps pumping your body full of adrenalin, keeps the scary feelings and thoughts coming. To de-sensitise, you need to do the opposite and train yourself not to react to the thoughts and feelings.

    Hope this helps and don't forget to send me a postcard.

  • So my dizziness is deffo anixty? Its nothing serouis, life threatning or anything else & ive had it 4 a week because ive been thinking about it, strrssing & worrying about what it is why its there why won't it go.. when really it is all just aderline from my anixtu making me sway dizzy and feeling like im falling.. and because im giving ut attention it wont go away and has stayed fir longer? When i stop stressing worrying and stop thinking about it, then it will go?

    And haahaa could do😉✌

  • You got it. Talking the talk is the easy part. You now have to walk the walk. It is simple but not easy but you have it within you to recover. Just keep practising acceptance of the symptoms. Everybody can recover. It just takes time. 🍾🍾🍾

  • Soo you 100%% dont think i have anything to worry about nd dizziness is from anixty? And it can last up to a week or longer if you are fixeighting on it? Led in bed now feels like im falling its horrible!! Do you think this dizziness will dissapear when i get on holiday? Might just b anxouis about going? Then when i get there ill realise im fine and it will go away?.

  • Yes, judging by the content of your previous posts where you mention panic attacks, migraines and such like. You just spend all your time trying to figure it all out which keeps you stuck. There is nothing to figure out, no battle to fight. You are only fighting yourself which is one you will never win so give up trying to do anything about it.

  • So is that qhen the anixty dizziness will go away?

  • Yes but it may take time while you learn to accept. Setbacks are also common where you feel like you have not made any progress. Don't be fooled by these. They are an indication of how far you have progressed and enables you to practice acceptance even more. Accept the setbacks and carry on accepting. They are part of the recovery process but people may feel deceived and slip back into fighting mode, wrongly believing that they will never get better. That couldn't be farther from the truth, trust me. That is the way forward, the way to recovery. Accept the lot in the same way you accept you have a cold. It makes you feel like sh1t but you don't worry too much about it and get on with your day. Anxiety is no different.

  • Yeh just hoping this dizzines stops

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