PLEASE HELP! I am suffering from multiple symptoms, as whether they are linked or not any insight or suggestions I would greatly appreciate.

I've always struggled with anxiety and depression but past 3-4 months has been serious and pretty sever. I've been reaching out for help. But the worst thing is I feel nauseous almost 24/7 and randomly throw up with little warning. I don't feel like eating like thought of food makes me feel more nauseous and sick. It's getting in the way so much I might loss my job. I work at a poutlry processing plant, and me being nauseous and randomly throwing up I'm not allowed to be at work. I find I'm also suffering from being extremely cold all the time. Like cold sweats 24/7 and then hot flashes that make me fatigue and feel faint. Is this all to do with me mentally or is something physically wrong? Pressure triggers vomiting alot. Find some days it's difficult to wear a break cause it makes me more nauseous. Been

multiple times and tests. Everything seems to be normal except blood in my urine. I have taken about 3-4 different kinds of different anitbiotics. Even tho there are no traces of uti or std or anything they've been treating me for it.I've always had bladder issues with having control over my bladder. I did get ecoli when I was 4 pretty bad. So I've just gotten used to it. I have no control when I'm awake but when I'm asleep have a bladder of steel. I also find I have discomfort alot in the bladder region. I wake up mid dead sleep and start uncontrollably vomiting please anyone!


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  • This possibly could be anxiety as it can interfere with the gut as I suffer with sickness and bladder control as it’s over sensitive nerves

  • Have you been tested for any food allergies or sensitivities? You could be deficient in something? Otherwise it is possible it is severe anxiety however get everything else ruled out. Have you tried some counselling or hypnotherapy maybe even acupuncture could help? X

  • Yes I've been tested for allergies and have tried cutting out dariy sugars etc.

  • Try magnesium supplement or oil to help your anxiety and nausea x

  • Hi Problems101,

    I agree, it sounds like you could have developed an allergy to something. Under the direction of your doctor, you could try omitting some food groups like dairy or gluten (the most common) to see if that has any effect.

    Firstly though, try not to concentrate on your sickness though. (I know - easier said than done!) Use some relaxation/hypnotherapy apps on your phone or something. Mindfulness too can greatly help to relax you. The more you panic about it the worse it gets. Also, you could try taking some herbal relaxants like valerian or Kalms. Your Doctor may also prescribe a relaxant/antidepressant too. I used Citalopam for about 3 months to get me over the worst of my depression. It allowed me that little bit of space so that I was better able to help myself more.

    Stop thinking of yourself as Problems101! You are NOT a problem!! You may have some - I've definitely got some, we've all got some! We'll get through this and come out stronger and then you can call yourself Fantastic101!


  • Anxiety and depression can both make you feel nauseous and can stop you from being able to eat. I suggest you address your anxiety and try Citalopram as Problems101 has mentioned. I am on it and along with doing clinical hypnosis and Mindfulness (using an app called Head Space) my stress and anxiety is so much better.

    Take care


  • Tha kyou everyone for replying, I have been trying my best to seek professional help with councillors and doctor has reffed me to mutliple phycologists. I tried cutting out thing like sugars dairy. But even when I'm having happy and content days it still acts up. Even been giving acid reflex pills, depression pills too they just don't work. Even this morning went to hospital and the gave me a liquid called the pink lady I just threw everything up

  • I have tried multiple anti depressents. They don't seem to affect me positivity.

  • If they haven't helped try clinical hypnosis

  • Thankyou everyone's insight and replies mean alot to me thank you everyone for sharing their thoughts 💜

  • I have been reaching out to counselors and phycologists but they take along time to get into

  • If your vomiting starts at the same time every day then you're suffering from something call cyclic vomiting syndrome.

  • I notice it mornings afternoon and when I'm sleeping most evenings are usually fine. I've read about that but is there anyways to test for that, doctor just thinks I need a phycologist which I want to do just takes months to get in and it's getting unbarable. Went to emerge last night because I was uncontrollably vomiting and they gave me a liquid called he pink lady I felt good first 20 min and was discharged got home and threw up 5 times and been sick all day since I finally got few hrs of sleep this afternoon then woke up because of my nausea

  • You mentioned you've taken a few antibiotics, and I have to wonder if one of those might not be the culprit in fact. With me, my bad symptoms were caused by fluoroquinolone antibiotics, the common names being Cipro, Avelox, and Levaquin. If you've taken one of them at any point, that could be it. The symptoms can be delayed so you don't connect the dots. If you think you have, you should check into, or one of the fluorquinolone toxicity groups on Facebook, for advice.

  • Don't think it is because I have tried anitbiotics but this has been alot longer than a month been since about July realy bad and antibiotics don't stay in ur system for 3 months but thankyou

  • Actually, fluoroquinolones can stay much longer than 3 months, particularly if you are genetically predisposed. I know this first hand. My symptoms began months after exposure, which is very common if you took Cipro, Levaquin or Avelox. So be sure to check. If you want, you can write to people on the site to compare notes. If you took any of those three antibiotics within the last 6 months, it's very likely at least part of your trouble.

  • I haven't had any of those ones but I will still check out the website, Tha kyou very much for ur information, it's greatly appreciated 😊

  • I'm very glad to know you haven't taken those--please remember to never, ever take one. Unless it's life or death. The doctors dismiss it, but it's all there in the FDA warnings that they don't read. There is always an alternative. Since being affected, one of my 'hobbies' you could say, is being a benevolent troll and warning people, because when I used to type in my symptoms before I knew what I had, I often found myself here, on this site, for anxiety. Anyway, I wish you luck and hope you feel better soon.

  • Thank you for caring and sharing this information and ur experience it's very insightful. Agian Thankyou very much!🤗

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