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Anxiety and indigestion

I have been very stressed for months but now have abdo pains under sternum, round right ribs between spine and shoulder blade all on right. I do have a hiatus hernia and did have ct scans 1 year ago all clear.

Googled and saw pancreas cancer so am terrified. Please anyone can digestive problems cause this back pain etc. No weight loss infact put on 5 pounds but now not eating. Dr said scan showed no gall bladder problems. Can indigestion cause all this. My anxiety is through the roof please help me

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I am going through a really bad time at the moment with indigestion , mine is burping all the time and either burning in the throat area or middle of the chest

Recently I lost my Dad to cancer so you can only imagine what my head is saying and nearly driving me mad

I have been to the Doctors and at the moment they are not concerned however they have put me on a different medication and common sense tells me after just taking it for 3 days there will be no miracle cure but my anxiety is trying and winning at times telling me this is it if these don't work I have had it !

I have also had sharp pains where you are explaining and that can be trapped wind and indigestion and try & take comfort that you have had tests that have come back clear and yes I do believe anxiety can at least contribute and in some cases be the problem

I have had to give myself a good talking to and I have come to the conclusion I will try & give these meds 2 weeks if they have not improved things then I will have to face my worse fear at the moment and go and have an endoscopy , I am really hoping the meds work rather than the latter but why do you not have a chat with your Doctor , I can say to you I doubt it will be anything sinister at all but I know if we can find the courage to get checked out it does give us peace of mind

I hope this eases for you soon as like I said I am having a bad time with it at the moment so know exactly how you will be feeling

Take Care x


Thank you for replying as I am sitting here with a hot water bottle on my tummy convinced I have pancreatic cancer as my mum died of it. My husband is saying it is only 5 days and I know I cannot keep having ct scans it is not the answer. Is your pain ever in upper right back.

I know how you feel as my health anxiety started when i lost my mum many years ago but has escalated recently. I just feel like gas is moving constantly throught my body


I certainly feel full of gas and yes mine moves as well , mostly in the throat and center of the chest bone ( which is what my Dad complained of so you can imagine ) but I do have it move , it goes in my shoulder blades and even feels like it is in my hip area sometimes

Your husband is right having scans all the time is not the answer but easier said than done when you have minds like we do but please you are so brave having the scans done , I am to afraid yet for me I know it would give me peace of mind but as they have come back clear then the chances of anything been sinister this quick are so slim I would try not to worry

Have you thought of some Counselling , I am talking for myself here as well , I have had Counselling and going to have some more because it really does help if you want it to and when we have a fear we make the problem worse with our anxiety and especially digestive problems , if we have a weakness in that area anxiety will hit it and make it 1000 times worse straight away , but we need to learn how to get this in perspective and with support we can :-)

I hope it eases for you as like I have said I really do know how you are feeling at the moment , I am trying as hard as I can to keep myself distracted , not easy but helps if I can even working through the discomfort I am feeling

Keep in touch and let us know how you are feeling & how you get on :-) x


What other symptoms do you have concerning your hernia.


As far as the hiatus hernia I have had this upper right abdo pain before, I get some acid reflux and like a spasm I oesophagus but it is because pain goes into back I get afraid.

Had attacks before and drs says functional dyspepsia but this time it seems more constant but I am so very stressed.


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