Driving :)

Hi all, well as an agoraphobic of a year, I don't venture out unless emergency as in doctors x My cbt therapist is ok but never seems to want to discuss my getting out the house even though she has been coming for 7 weeks x So i decided to make the stand and take back my life x today I went out for a drive with the hubby, as i cannot drive lol x It was a 15 minute drive about my town to see what has changed in the year i have been housebound x It was nice being in the car its only the 2nd time since we drove it off the forecourt in july x and it sits outside looking so pretty x BUt It felt so good x its a small step but a good one xxx Donver


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  • Hey Donver!

    Fantastic! That is really really good for you. I bet it felt nice to get out and about for a little while, bet it was good for hubby too. Well small steps, maybe go for a wee drive to the country next time.

    :-) xx

  • Thank you ashley xx It felt so nice being out x It felt better spending time with hub out the house :) I am lucky as the town i live in is surrounded by countryside x county Durham land of trains and bogs lol x

  • I am proud of you, and so you should be two. So very very well done . world here I come ay Donna :)




  • Thank you Bonnie x very proud of my bit self x I will conquer more of the said world day by day xx :)

  • you will that, :) ive just got back from counsellor, feeling a bit more positive as well. :)




  • Ohh very good Bonnie x Its always nice when we have a good session x Positives all round :) x

  • Yep, just need two more positives, and we know what they are don't we :)




  • Thats great donver well done sounds like you enjoyed it too :) xx

  • tY mimii x I did enjoy, its surprising how much a little change of scenery can do you good x

  • Well done that was a big thing for you to do , how you found the time as well as pestering I dont no so I feel a double well done for you :-D




  • Hey i have my ways x I can multi task with great results xx besides my phone has built in fb lol xx

  • Glad you enjoyed your ride. How far are you from the sea side/. I always find sea air very bracing and refreshing and there is also the fish and chips washed down with a hot cup of yorkshire tea. YUM YUm

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