Anxious thoughts have reduced quite a bit bit still get chest pains and other around my body What more do I need to do?

My anxiety has decreased from what it once was But I'm still geeting pains arouns my heart and sometimes they feel like its on my heart or inside my heart I just want to know what's going on If I don't get the pains then my anxiety would definantly decrease evan more but these pains defo give me anxious dying thoughts but not a full blown panic attack Any response would be gladly appreciated


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  • i feel what you have is nervous indegestion my friend .

  • Have you seen the doctor about ? Maybe it is as mchlwinterr suggested, nervous indigestion. If it's causing you more anxiety then the doctor can put your mind at rest. You could try gently exercise if you're not already. Maybe itsa certain food that's causing the pains?

  • HI could be tension and your muscles are tight thats what g p told me x

  • i agree milo it could be stress does alot of theses too u which we all know and people that dont have it ur havent even throught about it dosent know wot its like do they x

  • Thanks for all the replies I tried making a appointment with my doctor but they a complete waste of time. Ive really changed me eating habits but do do still smoke but am trying real hard to quit It could very well be stress or this nervous indigestion but im just unsure as to what to do

  • I had a lot of chest pain and indigestion when suffering from anxiety - I went through all sorts of heart tests & they found nothing wrong. They told me that these are side effects of too much stress hormones - adrenalin & cortisol. If you try to think of it as a side effect & not focus on it as something else to worry about it does help & slowly subsides over the weeks. I think you have to persist with GPs - keep going back & eventually they will put you on the right track. Best Wishes.

  • Thank you Karrl am assuming the way u talking you over or getting over your anxiety?

  • Hi Yasir - yes a lot better now thanks to talking therapy (CBT) and citalopram. But probably like all of us here I still get some bad days. Hope you can make progress.

  • How does the cbt work? Im waiting for my appointment but just wondering how it works

  • Sorry for delayed reply Yasir, I have been away. It's about trying to analyse your thinking patterns & to break the negative cycles of thinking that we get into when going through anxiety or depression. One of my most self-destructive thoughts was 'I will never get better' - but on analysing this we were able to break its grip on me. If I was once fine then is there any reason I couldn't return to being fine - No.

    That's just one example of addressing your thoughts. I found that it was most beneficial when you also work on it outside of the talking sessions - so I would recommend doing any 'homework' that they give you.

    I really hope it helps you. Best of luck!

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