Wassup everyone need a little bit help here what should i do?

Soo im setting down waiting for my turn at the barbershop for some reason i feel this wierd feeling on my chest by my heart side like a pressure or tightness but im not really anxious at all and like a nervous feeling in my stomach and my mouth super dry what should i do so i wont re act when i set down to get my hair cut i dont want to over re act plus its alot of people here then they might think something is wrong with me i feel like its try to make me go out of control


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  • This happened to you the last time you went to the barbershop. You probably now developed some type of fear from it and trust me you are anxious because you are writting this post. Just relax and listen to some music or something. Take deep breath. You didn't react the last time so you won't react this time. It's all a mind game.

  • yeah i feel shaky idk why an dmy head feeling wierd

  • Breathe.....Johnnie as HopingCat told you... It WILL bring down those

    bad feelings.

  • yeah i dont know why this always happens out of no where like really bad nervous could even see my hands shaking

  • I believe your hands shake. Just a thought or a place that caused an anxious feeling can do that instantaneously. As HopingCat stated, you have come sensitized to revisiting the Barber Shop. That thought alone, puts the fear of fear in you. Remember it is not the place that is doing this to you, but your own mind. Hope you got your hair cut and are back home.

  • this is annoying already i dont care anymore im just going to fight thid thing how ever is hard it is im going to beat this 5 months like this im tierd already honestly

  • Take somethingto relax or go for a walk get fresh air

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