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I went to work a bit Dizzy a bit Anxious but I went then came home and then went to Asda

Thanks for your help and support I am going to stop thinking about work this week but I'm not going to stop anything else if I've learned anything on this road to recovery it this never give up it's not a fight it's there and it will go when it's ready so I'm going to the gym tomorrow and I am

Going for me not the Anxiety for tomorrow at least have a great Sunday and thankyou again bloody blips I have friends on here who help me :-)

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Hi bigguy, nice to hear you sounding so positive today, I wish i could try to forget about the anxiety. enjoy your gym session tomorrow.

Jules :)


Thanks I'm looking forward to it hope you sleep well tonight ;-)



Well done Stu :-)

Have a nice time at the gym & dont forget to take that rest from work , I think if you can it would do you so much good :-)

Hope you get a good nights sleep :-)





Have a great session at the gym and walk/punch/ run/lift all those anxieties away. This anxiety limits so many things for us that if we try to overcome them we sometimes can by being strong and just not give in.

Sounding very positive from you.All the best, Julie xx


Hi Bigguy,

Have a cool session at Gym! struggling with Anxiety too, and bad nights but am gonna go to start excersize on wards and upwards!! xx


went to the gym after a lot of procrastinating shall I should I will it make me feel better or or should I rest should I stay or should I go now (that's a song )

I went and I feel good and glad I did now to make a roast lamb dinner I always feel dizzy when I cook whats that about


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