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Is it possible to get out of my comfort zone and do things i always wanted to do?

In persue of confidence and assertiveness i decided to do exercise courses so i can be an exercise instructor/personal trianer/exercise to music instructor. Since i've been suffering from anxiety for a long time exercise has been part of my life and has really helped me a lot and i love it to bits. So i did the courses so i can do something i enjoy whilst getting the benefits. The problem now is to start using the courses as confidence is getting on my way. I keep having excuses when people start asking when am i going to start teaching classes. I know deep down i want to do this as it will boost my confidence and counteract the effects of social anxiety. What can i do.

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I can totally understand the confidence issue

I think the only way we can sometimes over come this , is by getting out there & facing the fear which we all have when doing something new

You seem to have done all the hard work on these courses & well done , now I hope you can take that final step & show everyone just how good you are as I no you will be :-)

Keep coming on here & talking , people will support you every step of the way !

Good luck & let us no how you go on





Thank u very much for ur support Whywhy, i'll take it on board. Love and have a good day


Try reading "Feel The Fear and Do It Anyway" by Susan Jeffers. It is a good read and has helped millions:


The problem with me i'm not a good reader i start a book and never finish it. I'm currently reading a very good practical book called ' THE CONFIDENCE GAP' but haven't practised anything suggested on it. I will try ur suggested book once i finished this one. Thanks a lot for ur help, i really need a push. have a good day


Face the fear and do it!!! You had the confidence to do the courses, now you have to put it into practice.

I wonder if you could get a couple or three friends around home and try out a session with them. Could be worth a try.

Well done for doing the courses now keep on with the confidence you found to do those. Good luck. Julie xx


Try NLP cds have a look on ebay or amazone cant spell very well but you should find it neuro linqustic program its far superier to hipnotherapy in my eyes but why not try it you have nothing to loose and there are therapists around the country who give therapy NLP good luck Gina


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