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Journey with Anxiety - Fear of having a heart attack!


So I have always been a worry wart (as my parents say). But lately it has gotten out of hand. When my wife and I were expecting our first baby is when it got unbearable. It started with having Chest Pains everyday, which quickly lead to anxiety over having a heart attack. I went from one doctor to the other just knowing that the last one had missed the heart problem. I did EKG's stress test, ultrasounds etc... No one could find anything. Soon I started feeling hopeless and as I would get dressed in the morning I just knew that I would die in the clothes that I picked out that day. It seemed that relief would only come if I actually did die.

Then a doctor finally convinced me of my anxiety problem and I started taking some medicine. At that time I also started working out, for the first time in 4 years my chest pains and anxiety went away. I started enjoying life again!!!

Well I got slack in the working out and the chest pains have returned and surprise surprise the pain brought its good friend anxiety!! This week has been rough because it feels like pain and pressure on my chest and I just had to vent because I just CANNOT go back to living like I did a couple of years ago. Thanks for talking the time for listening.

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Thats anxiety it comes and goes I think you should get back into your routine of exercising once again

Get back into excercise...I have a tightness in my chest also and im 48...i checked my blood pressure today and it was 154/94 never been that high but i worry about everything also and now husband said sherrie your fine i know its aniexty i have had it for 12 all started when my first husband had an girl replied to me and said just live your life and laugh and have fun and thats what i am going to do....not think about this...but sometimes its better said than done but i will try...good luck im here to talk this site is great i just joined afew days ago

just remember it did go away once and will go away again.. I say this following a long life of anxiety and depression.. with the good news that now.. with all the help in books etc I find it comes back less and less.. yes when it does come back it is awful but I now tell myself I got over it before I will do so again good luck with this x


Hi Sherrie,

Just to say welcome to the group and I hope you feel better soon.xx

do not think of it as something that you will get rid of, it's something you will maybe have to live with the rest of your days. accepting and managing it then is the answer. I'm slowly coming to this realisation, it gets me down a bit to think i'll have to go on like this, but I'm hoping it will get less and less and I can manage it better, but it will never go away so that's fine if I can still live a reasonably good life.

be open about it and open to it. a panic attack will always go away eventually

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