will i ever get over this

hey yall!!! im 26yrs ive been feelin not normal for about a month now .. all i feel is that my life is gonna end... i have anxiety since i was about 19 and had it on and off .. but on 1/23 i went to the er cuhz i thought i was gettin a heart attack cuhz i was shortness of breath and tightnes on da left arm... did all the test and everything went normal... chest xray.. blood test...etc.. the nurse gave a ativan to calm me down and it wrked...he said my my blood pressure was pretty high 174/100 but went down too 150/100 after takin ativan he said i was probably that high cuhz i was in a lot of stress due to losing a friend from lupus that week :( soo they diagonsed me with anxiety!! everythin seemed to be okay after that but on 2/11 had shortness of breath again and couldnt go to sleep would wake up every hour due to coughin or shortness of breath had work at 5am and didnt sleep at all went to the doctors the next day and said everything was normal did a ekg said it was fine told me to take my ativan..got sick once again followin week so went to da same urgent care but differrnt doctor.. this time he said i was okay but had a lil flem in my lungs so he prescribed me a zpak i feel better a lil but i think my anxiety is messin with my breathin.. like a graspin feelin i only feel it too when i think bout it.. i jus wanted to share this and get this off my chest cuhz anxiety can get the best of us but i know we can get thru it jus got to get ur mind strait.. think postive cuhz things will only gett better frm here thanks


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  • Don't worry your not alone I'm 19 I suffer with shortness of breathe to!! It's so scary, u can beat this anxiety u will get through it xx

  • thanks very much i really hope soo.. prayin for these better dayz hope all is well wit u thanks for reading :)

  • It is hard to remember sometimes.. your post has helped me today as once again although Getting anxiety and depression for years and getting over it it is Sunday and again the anxiety is back to plague me.. but yes as you say it will ease again thank you :)

  • im glad i can help we will get thru this... for every dark night thers a brighter day :) have a good one feel better

  • You to focussed on something else.. my garden and changing it and it has helped a lot xx

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