What Anxiety Sufferers Need To Know About Breathing/Posture!

Can the experiences of anxiety, and worry be the result of prolonged over breathing? A common term for over breathing is hyperventilation, but could you be hyperventilating when you don't even know it? The answer is yes, when we take shallow breaths from the top of our chest and constantly breath from our mouths at a rate of 12 to 17 breaths a minute, a form of chronic hyperventilation can take place and if this happens we can find ourselves feeling more anxious, irritable, apprehensive and quite fearful. When our rate of breathing is too high and when we breath too fast, the carbon dioxide is reduced in our blood to below it's optimum levels.

Carbon dioxide is a vital gas that is produced by the body's energy source which is metabolism, the ability of your body to properly maintain a normal Ph level (balance between acidic and alkaline that regulates the body's chemical reactions) depends on the maintaining of an adequate supply of Carbon dioxide. Bad breathing makes it difficult for our red blood cells to release oxygen to cells that are in our brain and body, also causing the arteries to constrict which reduces blood flow throughout the whole body, I hope I got your attention on how important breathing is!

Shallow breathing switches on our fight or flight reflex known as our sympathetic nervous system, this has a great affect on being able to think clearly and the obsessive thoughts we have.


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16 Replies

  • Thankyou for this information it really helps

  • Great!

  • All your research notes are really helping me. I am a logical thinking guy and have tried all things over the last 9 months to beat anxiety . These facts are starting to do the trick . Thank you

  • Good to know Alex keep it up!

  • Wow I didnt even know that and im doing a healthcare course I really must learn how to start breathing properly again since getting anxiety/panic attacks I mostly shallow breath im always anxious

  • Are you a doctor? You seem to know what your talking about

  • Hello Lauren -)

    No I am sure he is a doctor but someone that may have overcome their anxiety

    Even if someone was a Doctor on here though we should never let it replace our own Doctors advise which we should always seek first

    If you put in Google any of these kind of questions it will give you this kind of information and lots more how to deal with anxiety and anxiety symptoms just be careful not to research any symptoms for illness if you are prone to Health Anxiety

    I hope you are having a good day today -) x

  • Nah not a doctor. Just someone who's been through hell and back due to debilitating anxiety. I've done a world of research and have studied extensively what works and what doesn't for people. Stay curious my friends, it's the key.

  • I have terrible health anxiety I try not to use dr google but sometimes just cant help but type in symptoms and then when I see the results im freakin scared

  • So true, and that's why the deep breathing exercises work so well.

    I also always use a small pillow at the small of my back while sitting so that

    I won't be slouched over. It helps with getting air in the lungs.

  • I am the worlds worst for googling! I've had MRI scan when I thought I had a brain tumour. Now that I got the all clear from that my chest hasn't stop playing up! I get awful shortness of breath to the point I feel like I cannot breathe, I then panic even more and feel like I'm going to pass out. I've never actually been diagnosed with anxiety... But I've had ever "health" test there is... Nothing has ever came back wrong with me?

  • That's great news!

  • Thank you

  • You're very welcome :)

  • I find I hold my breath all of the time! I now practice more yoga and try meditation. I'm hoping to re educate myself and learn to breathe properly. I catch myself holding my breath all the time and coincidently, I am dizzy all of the time and anaemic too - great combo. I practice buteyko breathing. I found it by accident on YouTube. It's very good.

  • Hi i had terrible anxiety for two years solid following the death of my daughter i had every symptom diease you name it i had it .Ive over come it now after councelling and medication i slowly educated myself how to deal with it .Dont get me wrong its been hard im still struggling over the loss of my daughter which there isnt a cure wish there was but ive taken control of my anxiety and now im in a better place thankfully hugs Paula xx

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