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Hi guys havent posted a blog for a few days now as have picked up a bit after a few horrible weeks thankfully..... I have found that this site has been a god send in my darkest hours as reading others posts has made me realise that I am not alone in this illness and what others are writing is exactly how I feel!! Have started to make a few changes in my lifestyle..... Now converted to chamomile tea with a bit of honey instead of tea and coffee.... have given upp alcohol as I do tend to binge drink at the weekends when my kids go to their dads as I find it so lonely on my own and have too much time to dwell on anxiety and how I am feeling and have also joined the gym which has been a god send to me even though I am not ready to go on my own yet I have been going ith a good friend hich has helped me hugely....... just woundered how everyone else is feeling this week/ x


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  • Hiya, I have found the website reassuring as well, until this website always felt like I was the only one like this!! I understand why it happening to me now I just need to learn how to cope with it so that I can live my life! Easier said than done at the moment! X sounds like youre taking some steps in one direction :) that's good in itself! Háve you found the charmlille tea has helped? Iv seen alot of people on here blog about it! As for gym they say exercise is really important, im terrible for not exercising, I have no excuse really!!! I'm not having such a good week so far, had a panic yday and today :-/ survived it but I don't like facing it and have began avoiding so many things! Hoping cbt will help me with that! X keeping my hopes up x

  • Hi CBT will help Im on my 3rd session and I managed the supermarket and going to my Dads house without getting worked up.However its a hard battle everyday today Ive not been able to go out my anxiety is playing up but Im battling worth it at the moment and tomorrow is another day.Just wish everyday is a good day but Im sure that will come in time.Have ordered the book everyone is going on about at last a life so hoping that will help also

  • Hi. Lovely positive post :) I have found this website to be a huge help also.

    I found that cutting out tea and coffee helped me too. I love a wedge of lemon in hot water so I have that once a day alongside fruit tea.

    My week has been really good. I experienced a few flutters last night which kept waking me up but other than that I've felt great. However I am meant to be going to my first yoga session tonight and I have the worst headache and am so tired. that will be from waking up last night I imagine. I'm one of those people that needs the full 8 hours of sleep and some! I also get really nervous around places like gyms as I feel I am out of place and that's where the class is. I'm going with a friend which helps. I suppose it's a step in the right direction conquering my lack of confidence with it. I just hope they don't make you lie down at the end of the class and close your eyes because I will literally sleep! :)


  • well done Sar my fellow chamomile tea drinker.I too fnd this website a godsend but at times spent too much time on here then start worrying about other peoples problems !!!.Massive congrats at the alcohol thing it takes strength to do that and want to say a huge thank you for being there for me when I needed you xx

  • Hey Scooby.... I have found thatb the Chamomile tea is claming and have actually grown to really like it with a dash of honey. Im terrible for not exercising but after two weeks of hat I can only describe as utter hell I no realise that I have to try and help myself more. Very easy to say but not so easy to put into practise!! I have good days and bad days too.... its horrid on a bad day as you feel like you will never overcome this horrible illness but I just try and say this is today....... tommorro may be different.... Ive suffered for many years with anxiety and like you avoided so many things..... It seems so much easier to do but I have gradually introduced small acheivements and goals into my life..... Things that normal people would not even consider hard..... I wrote down a long list of all the things I hated doing and decided I was slowly going to attack them one at a time.... Im not going to lie it was hard ..... Many times I nearly gave up and still some days when I am bad do but I found the more things I started to avoid the more I was becoming housebound. Is there anything in particular that has set you anxiety off at all this week hun? xx

  • Really? I might look at trying that then!! Indeedy I can't relate to that, that's my problem at the moment, I realise I need to help myself more in order to conquer this but I can't seem to find the strength to do that :-/ I think that s a great idea writing them down and gradually working through them! I might try that. I think for a while I jus blocked out loads of stuff, jus reading through things and jus having to accept that iv avoided doing so much is so hard to admit! Il get there though I know I will. X x

  • the tea really helps xx

  • Mandy ell done you..... Thats a great acheivement and youve coped with the flutters!! Well done hun :) Im not a fan of going to the gym myself on my own as dont like being around people I dont know nd hve a irrtionsl fear of having a heart attack or a full blown pnic attack in front of people and making a fool of myself so I am now going with a friend and have found it really helped me focus on something other then anxiety and how I am feeling! Good luck with the yoga class tonight let us know how you get on and if you do fall asleep...... then its done exactly what yoga does to your body and chlled and relaxed you :) x

  • Sharonlou my chamomile partner in crime...... Thankyou for being there for me too..... You gave me a huge wake up call with regards to the alcohol last week and I have you to thank for that babe :) As I said we are all in this together nd some days will be better for some than others but the most important thing we all have in commen is a understanding of anxiety and how it can affect us all and if we can help eachother even in a small way offering advice or just a friendly chat then it has to be a positive thing xx

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  • when we are all anxiety free we should all meet up to laugh about what a mess we where letting anxiety beat us.Because we will get through this we have to xx

  • Scooby dont beat yourself up hun...... we are all guilty of giving into anxiety at times I can promise you it has beaten me many many times...... hy not try hen you feel ready to write a list of the things that you have or avoiding ... you are more than welcome to share them with us and we can maybe try and look at some strategies to help you take small steps to gaining back some control...... The biggest thing to realise is that we are all in the same boat and sometimes sharing how we are feeling can alley fears that we are the only people who feel like this....... Always here for a chat xx

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