Well anxiety anxiety anxiety!

So I'm not quite sure how this happened really. But here goes I feel like I have been strong for a long time . In January I was attacked by my dog he basically almost killed me . I had to have emergency plastic surgery. So I didn't really feel like it affected me much after. Yes I would cry and I was in lots of pain. I at one point wanted him back . But I held on strong 💪 Then here comes June when I got sicky . The diarrhea and not being able to eat really tore me up and this is where I am now... stuck thinking I need more test done on my insides against what my doctors think . Should I trust them ? I think I should! But unfortunately I don't know if I do . I looked back on something's I have posted and realized that I had loss of appetite back then too . But guess what I got it back ! So this to makes me believe that I have actually did and have been doing this to myself. It's awful to walk around thinking that you are dying. Just because my stomach rumbles and I get indigestion and my stools aren't always consistent . I have had blood test and stool samples taken. All because I read something on google! It's got be convinced my doctors are missing something. Wtf ! What ever you do my people that suffer health anxiety do not google shit ! I'm starting to believe I have caused my own physical symptoms! It's awful at times I get paranoid and think to myself what if they are wrong and your body knows! But probably not . The ultrasound tec told me a lot about her self today at my appointment she to suffered and thought she was dying. She hugged me and told me everything would be ok and I do not have cancer! She asked me have you had blood test I said yes , she goes well then something would have definitely shown there to point the doctors in the right direction. But you can only stay on that reassuring high for so long until the doubt and worry sets back in . How can we overcome something if we need constant reassurance? What if's of GAD suck ! I asked her how she over came it and she said , I just did ! One day I realized it was all in my head and had to stop . Of course she told me she had to be in medicine. I really don't want to . I want to kick this anxiety in the face myself! God has a big part in my life and I truly believe I was sent to this lady for her to tell me her story. This was my stop digging for shit that you ain't gonna find . All I'm doing is hurting my body even more. I can bet that in 1 year from now we will all look back and think what in the actual fuck was I talking about? What was I so worried for ? Everyone that believes god is with them every single step you take please pry for all of us and yourself. Pry for our family as well because they go through a lot with us even though it doesn't seem like they understand. May god be with us all !

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  • JoMarie5, that was some trauma you went through to be attacked by your own dog and it's not the sort of thing you get over in a hurry. I don't know whether your anxiety problems were present before that attack but I would say that your continuing troubles were triggered and maintained by the anxiety of the trauma which is still fresh in your mind.

    You have had the reassurance of doctors and the lady who did the ultrascan who seems Heaven sent and you must now accept what they say and acknowledge that your symptoms are not physical or organic but are the direct result of anxiety disorder. Otherwise you will go on for ever having test after test and refusing to accept the reassurance they bring. So acknowledge it now and don't have second thoughts.

    I know the symptoms of anxiety are so very good at mimicing real organic illness but they are still the symptoms of anxiety. Claire Weekes, the famous author of books explaining how to recover from GAD, says that the stomach is the most sympathetic organ in the body to anxiety, that's where it is most likely to manifest itself. And all the symptoms you have described relate to your stomach. Sometimes outsiders can see things more clearly than ourselves and I say you haven't got cancer, you're not going to die, God does not want you yet ☺ what you have is anxiety disorder and nothing else.

    The symptoms that come with anxiety are phoney, they don't really exist, they bully you and frighten you but they can't do you any lasting harm. They are the result of your nervous system being sensitised by stress and trauma. And then we start worrying about the symptoms which causes more anxiety which causes more symptoms which causes more anxiety and we get caught up in a vicious circle that maintains the over sensitisation of our nerves. The only solution I know, the only way out, is to break the vicious circle by Acceptance, the method that Claire Weekes developed more than 40 years ago. So instead of fighting and tensing yourself when the bad feelings come you just make every muscle in your body relax and go limp and you Accept the bad feelings, for the moment that is, and don't add fresh fear to first fear. After all, why be fearful of a toothless paper tiger that doesn't exist outside of your mind? So if you can Accept the bad feelings without fear then you stop resensitising your nerves and eventually they return to normal and peace and tranquility return to your mind and body once again.

    Simple isn't it? Actually it's not that simple, it takes practice, perseverance and the passing of time. Caire Weekes wrote many books on her Acceptance cure for anxiety but the one to read is her first one titled 'Hope and Help with your nerves' available from Amazon either new or used. I commend it to you, it cured me and many others who have visited this forum and it will do the same for you.

  • Thank you so much . The question I will ask because you are very reassuring is that why after I haven't been anxious because my stomach still hurt or i'll have lots of burping or gas . does it take a while for it to go back to its normal state that's what I don't understand because I feel like I've been battling this for a long while. Or is it because I haven't really been at peace at all ? I don't get it 😕

  • JoMarie5, when our nerves become sensitised it is a permanent and ongoing thing that we can experience for months or in some cases for years until we successfully deal with it. So although the symptoms and bad feelings may come and go our over sensitised nerves are still, well, over sensitised and waiting to cause further symptoms before long.

    Even when we start to practice Acceptance of the symptoms and accept them without adding further fear it still takes a while before our nervous system recovers. The body heaks itself in its own good time. Claire Weekes' imperitive summed up in a few words is: Face - Accept - Float - And let time pass. You see, patience and letting time pass are also important even though we just want a wave of the magic wand and it goes away instantly and we can get on with our lives. It's all in the book I mentioned, good luck!

  • Thanks so much ! You always explain things so well ! I appreciate you .

  • Hey sweetie. I read this. You are so sweet. Oh my goodness. You sound just like I did. I would say. When I die from this all these doctors and my family and who ever else told me not to worry are all going to feel really stupid. But. The other idea of hearing people suffer 17 years. Still not dead. Still not believing that it was in their heads. Well. I decided. If they haven't died yet but they are still going through this. I better figure this out. Praying helped. The Holy Spirit guided me to many people and books. Commercials. I kept praying. And made changes. It was t easy. But I never took any medications. I am a strong believer in the lesson behind the thing going on in your life. And I don't like to numb the thing away. I want to learn from it. So. I dug it up and started seeing the roots. I think most of us sufferers are very compassionate loving people. We think of others. Maybe we forget that we have stuff too. Maybe we just want someone to treat us the way we tend to treat others. Maybe it crashes down on us. Listen. An attack is never expected. It's always out of nowhere. So if we quiet ourselves and sit and think about what we have been going through. Who do we interact with. How do they make us feel. We have to surround ourselves with goodness. When I looked at my life. I realized I was unhappy here n there. And instead of trying to change what was around me I started changing me. Seasons change. Changes need to be made. Praying differently . God change me. God make me more like Christ. Read about Jesus. How amazing He is. He was meek. Look up that word. We can put all our cares on Him. And if we pray to be more like Him then people notice that we too are meek and they put a lot on us. Anxiety and panic comes from fear. Fear of not being able to handle the load. It's practice. Use it. I now have 4 teen and up girls. I'm so greatful that I allowed panic disorder to grow me up. I used it. I took back the power it tried to rob me of. And harnessed it. To change myself. To be stronger. I learned from it. And times came after that would have sunk me. Bad things came that would have knocked me down. And anxiety and panic taught me to be fierce. I roar in the face of adversity that tries to over take me now. I came of it with the heart of a lion. And so can all of us. Let the Holy Spirit talk. Be quiet. And ask Him to speak. Then wait. You won't regret it . I love you. I'm praying. In all ways. Im praying without ceasing. For all those who are going through the fire of this hell now. That will come out the other end mighty warriors.

  • Thank you so much ! Words of encouragement! God bless you .

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