hi everyone, i have just joined this site as i am suffering with really bad panic attacks. i am on medication but isnt working. i have many attacks a day and its getting me down, i cant even go out incase i have one. i work 11 hours a day but they are effecting my work now as i am constantly feeling dizzy and anxious. i wont go anywhere on my own, i work with my boyfriend but i get anxous if he goes anywhere, i really need some advice on what to do as i need my own independence back. i cry all the time and dont no what to do.


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  • Hi beccagoodall

    Sorry things are not so bright for you at the moment , but you will get lots of good advice on the site

    Wondered how long you have been on your medication for as some do take a while to work or on the other hand if you have been on them a while & you are feeling no better then you need to go back & see your GP you may need something different

    You work long hours , maybe you have to as lots do , 11 hours a day must put alot of pressure on you & not leave you much "me time " which we all need could you cut the hours down a little till you feel a bit better , maybe not possible , but just a thought

    Does your boyfriend no how you feel ? if he does is he understanding , if he doesnt could be a big help if he did as then you would hopefully have his support

    You will be crying alot as you are feeling everything is out of control & getting the better of you , but as you start to get control back that will get better

    Sorry for asking questions & please dont feel you have to answer them , was just trying to get a better picture

    You will get lots of support on here , so that is a good start , & as people see your post you will get lots of replies


  • To help you feel less anxious try taking vitamin B complex, vitamin c, calcium and magnesium, also avoid tea and coffee for a while. Try and work out what triggers your anxiety. the most and avoid it if you can You could also think about taking yoga classes. They could teach you ways to deal with your anxiety and to overcome it. Drinking cammomile tea is very relaxing and also horlicks at night. Anxiety is a very natural human feeling and some people feel it more than others especially if they are in a stressful situation. Another thing you could try is the Rescue remedy range. They have one to help anxiety. Sometimes a few life changes can be the cure . It does sound to me that the long hours at work could be affecting you. Make sure you eat properly and get as much sleep as you can. Hope this helps!

  • I was like that I was get really anxious and cry wen my partner went out, and then have have a panic attack. I'm not so bad now things do pick up, just takes time. I stopped drinking tea, coffee and cola as they can stimulate anxiety plus alcohol. I've for the past few months starting drinking them again, but I don't drink a lot of them. plus I cudnt go anywhere on my own, still get like that now and then. hope it feeling better soon xxx

  • thanks everyone! i think the long hours at work dont help so i will try and cut them down, i drink alot of tea so i will cut that out. its really nice to have people to talk to and no that im not the only one. my boyfriend is really supportive and does what he can to help me. i have been on mmy medication for a few months and it was working a little bit but i have got worse all of a sudden and dont want to go anywhere. thanks again

  • Yeah it sounds like ur meds arnt workin im the same bin on mine 4 six wks but cryin all the time + can feel myself gettin worse. Or it could b ur dose isnt high enough.

  • I'm right there with you Hun,don't like being on my own am full of anxiety. Am trying to find ways of coping,looking at diet but not putting myself under too much pressure as I can't seem to cope with much. I'm currently seeing a counsellor which I'm hoping will help me and also have some hypnotherapy sessions that again are very helpful. I also use a paper bag when I'm having a panic attack and re breathing your carbon dioxide has a calming effect on the adrenalin that's rushing round your

  • thankyou so much i am so glad im not the only one, i will try the paper bag next time, hope you start feeling better soon and hope we can still talk, will be nice to no how your getting on with the councellor and hypnotherapy so i no wether i should give it a go too, thanks xxx

  • Hav tried relaxation + breathin exercises, know how 2 do these properly bcause u hav 2 learn them but i still dont get any benefit at all. I think it maybe bcause i dont get the palpitations or hyperventilate.

  • I've been through exactly the same thing about a year ago, and honestly.. it all get's better, so much better, untill you don't even realise it anymore. Anxiety's always going to tap you on the shoulder, but you can feel normal again eventually. Counselling might help, med's wont. Don't bother with taking pills or anything like that, bad idea. It's all in your head, no-one else can help you but yourself, it will all come to and end soon and you'll look back and laugh, like i do.

  • I was the same as you at the beginning of the year after coming out of a violent marraige. I tried to cope myself but things got to bad and I had to go to the doctor. He put me on anti-depressants and I felt worse before I felt better, please don't stop taking them, mine took 8 weeks before one morning I got up and suddenly felt that life was worth living again. Everybody is different on how long the medication takes to work, a friend of mine took 3 months on the same tablets, so you see time is a great healer, just keep trying and taking the tablets - you WILL feel better - I promise.

  • thank you so much, i appreciate you taking the time to talk to me, im so glad i came on this site really helos having people to talk to that no exactly what your going through. thankyou x

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