My Anxiety My Fear & My Life, can you help me?

My Anxiety My Fear & My Life, can you help me?

Hay guys, I'm rob live in chorley northwest, and I suffer quite badly from anxiety, from an out siders view I can come across looking quite normal, but on the inside I can feel very breathless at times, and what comes with the breathlessness comes, dizzyness, the feeling of not being able to cope with what's going on around me, I have this inner worry too about my heart not working propaly( I suffer from heart palps and irregular beats) I have had stress tests on my heart and everything is good I've been told so as far as I can tell my anxiety is to blame for these irregular beats and palps. My anxiety is becoming to rule my life as I worry about being on my own outside as these pannic attacks just come from nowhere, if I'm on my own out of the house I can be fine one minute not even thinking about when the next anxiety attack will come and then all of a sudden I will start to feel nervous, then breathless(yawning to try to gasp for a breath) then ill feel as if I can't breath at all but really I can its just the inner feeling that is horrible and at the time feels like its never going to leave, I get slight pains in my neck/jaw and arms, (not a heart attack) its just in my head. But when I feel these my mind plays on them witch courses me to get worse, when I go shopping with my girlfriend I will feel fine walking their but pretty much as soon as were 10 or so minutes into shopping I can start to suffer from my anxiety, the feeling of not being able to deal with the people around me (noise of people) and I will become breathless. I do try and go through breathing tecniques but sometimes that just does'nt work, I have been proscribed proprananolol 40mg and I take that for treating my palps and when I have these episodes so usely take one when this happens witch can either work or not, then my last option is to take myself away from the situation and go outside to fresh air. I could talk for ever about my anxiety, The thing is I'm scared this is going to rule my life forever, I have a little baby boy on the way and a girlfriend I love and adore, I don't want this to spoil my life as it has been doing for so many years on and off. Currently I'm unemployed but I am seeking work as I want to support my family but the fear that this anxiety could course me to lose the job is lingering over me. if anyone has any ideas of what I could try to help me that would be great. And if you've read all this I hope you can relate to me andhopefully be able to help me, Cheers, Rob,


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  • Please Leave me a comment, you will notice what I have put here is the same as what's on my profile just so everyone can read what I go through incase they've not seen this blog, :) cheers and I look forward to hearing from you.

  • Hi rob,

    What your saying, sounds like anxiety, I've had all tthose feeling so your not alone.

    The docs given you tablets, has he offered you CBT or another therapy? as I would think thats your best next step.

    I understand about the job and wanting to support your family, but take it one step at a time.

    The CBT should explain whats going on, and how to deal with your anxiety, it might see if there's others stuff causing it too, and then you can practice, and once you have the idea, you will improve, promise.

    Wishing you well



  • Cheers, I've been reading online about CBT, its certainly something I will ask my doctor to refer me to when I next see him, thanks for your helpful information and support,


  • My heart goes out to you Rob I can totally relate to everything you are going through . It seem we are all wanting a magic cure to anxiety and there isn't one . I often say I wish I had a magic wand so I can feel normal again . My advise would be go online to a site called anxiety no more it's run by a guy called Paul David and he is amazing he suffered for 10 years and gives his advice on what helped him . He is on Facebook and twitter .there is a book as well that people swear by . Paul has helped me massively in recent months .

    Good luck and stay strong .


  • Hi, thanks for the comment, wanting to feel normal is something I constantly say, the times, the hours and sometimes the days I feel normal I cherrish, and its sad because nobody should have to live with anxiety, I'm really glad I've found this site because now I can talk to other people who suffer from and understand what I go through on a daily basis, my girlfriend trys to help but she does'nt understand to the extent of how bad anxiety can really get, someone telling you to just breath is all well and good but they have'nt felt what your going through. I will certainly check this website out, cheers for the comment and support,


  • Hi Rob, I'm from your neck of the woods too and totally understand what you're going through. I've started on medication and am having ups and downs. It's a horrible thing to go through and unless you've been there you can't understand - I admit I didn't have a clue what it was like until I started with it. Going for a walk does help me a bit - I try to take my dog along the canal or up to White Coppiceor Rivington just to clear my head. Try to stay positive, everyone's very supportive here so don't feel embarrassed. Good luck with the job hunting too, I find I'm a lot better when I'm in work because I'm busy and it keeps my mind off it. x

  • Hay, nice to hear someone who's local to me, hope your managing to cope with your anxiety :), usely going for a walk helps me too, but recently going out on my own triggers my anxiety, usely whithin half and hour, I went for an interview the other week at stagecoach but when I got their I was told I had got the dates wrong, on walking home I tried to get hold of the Gf and could'nt, I tried a few times but no answer, that seemed to trigger my anxiety. I started becoming breathless and dizzy and it just snowballed, I just hope to god nothing happens next week when I go back for the interview, just seems to be recently my anxiety has got a lot worse, scary really, do you have a partner or somebody close to you that helps you through your bad moments? What do you think has caused your anxiety?

    Rob :)

  • Hi Rob, you are not alone there, I get the same, and it is an awful feeling. The not knowing where and why its coming from is the pits. I hope you will soon be feeling better.x

  • Hopefully CBT will help when I get to go, thanks for your support. :(

  • Its nice to be able to talk to others who suffer the same, thanks for the support. :)

  • hi, Rob i so understand what your going through,i was 16 when mine started im now 55! (please dont let that put you off) unlike you i was to scared and embarrasst to get any help,its ok to talk about mental illness now a days but not 40 years ago.i thought people would think i was going mad,(silly me!)im very sane but very senitive.what im saying is keep asking for help try cbt and keep asking your doctor what you can try next the more you find out the more you will learn to deal with anxiety and understand what your going through it will become easier and dont worry (like i did) what others think if you feel you cant deal with crowds and people just say so.take care.

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