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cardiac and death anxiety

im not quite sure what its called but i have anxiety about my heart i cant stop being scared of it, i have had so many tests done and nothing is wrong with it but with all the media talking about sudden cardiac arrest it has got me in such a panic and i cant stop thinking it will happen to me, i guess im afraid of dying as well, is there any way to get over these fears. thank you .

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hi sorry your feeling like this.Firstly you need to tell yourself you have been checked and you are fine (hard I know believe me) Secondly take your attention away from the bloody media it has a lot to answer for.I have health anxiety so know what you are feeling you have to just keep reassuring yourself you have been checked you are fine x


Hi there i know how your feeling been feeling the same as you i have just been diganosed with anxiety and depression my heart beat so fast had tests done all is fine you have got to try and settle down as i know you can make yourself worse with worrying about nothing. take care x


Hi, I absolutely hate the media because every day it's some report on a heart attack, cancer, exercise or the bloody 5 a day.

I've found myself thinking am I eating my 5, what are my 5 and if the 5 I eat are any good.

Then it's 'I didn't do any exercise' cos I don't like going out and because of that I'm making myself worse.

Then I read that a supposedly fit footballer has dropped down dead!

No wonder I'm anxious!


I totally agree with you i'm now at this place in my life everything in moderation


I would recommend getting hold of this book


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