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extreme anxiety....been a while???

My anxiety has been HELL past few days. Cant stop shaking and cant sit still. Can hardly keep food down. Ive been at home for about a week now, have hardly gone out due to being very sick and now that its been so long im scared to go out of fear that my derealization will be the worst its ever been. not sure what to do. I feel very foggy and disconnected, almost tempted to go to the hospital and talk to someone. Im very scared and I feel extremely panicky. Please comment back I need some tips on what to do !!!!!

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Ok Hun firstly slow down. I can tell by the way you have wrote this that you are typing fast.

All these feelings are ‘normal’ for people like us suffering with anxiety. Nothing is wrong with you & you are safe.

You are homing in on every thought, feeling you are getting & making your anxiety heighten. Now I want you to follow these steps


Inhale for the count of 4 - 1,2,3,4

Hold your breath for the count of 4 - 1,2,3,4

Exhale for the count of 4 - 1,2,3,4

Repeat until you feel slightly calmer.

I want you to forget about going out for the moment & concentrate on other things.

Name me 5 things you can see

Name me 4 things you can smell

Name me 3 things you can touch

Name me 2 things you can hear

Name me 1 thing you are doing.

You should be feeling a little calmer. Are you on any medication has anything triggered this anxiety? I’m here with you don’t panic x

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O I am so glad to come across your post I am suffering the very same as the person you reponded to I have been posting on another page I am trying to follow your instructions but I can’t stop this awful jittery and nausea feeling I feel so isolated and only another sufferer will understand I am now scared of being scared and the panic starts again.


I have derealization which is mainly my trigger for anxiety. I was on a whole bunch of meds but my mother took me off of them in fear that I was taking too many which was probably true. thank you by the way


Try to just nibble something little and often. Distracting yourself when eating can help as sitting to eat can sometimes make it a big issue. I even find eating with a teaspoon helps.

Even if there is only one sort of food you fancy just have a small nibble of that. Have a drink handy too.

As for going outside. Try just going to the gate. Then come back. Then when you feel ready go to the gate and then just that little bit further and then come back. Just distract yourself with what is around you.

I know all this is easy to say and is a huge challenge and it is so hard to be strong in this constant battle.

Thinking of you. You are so not alone in this. So many are going through the same.

Peace and strength to you all.


Just stumbled across exit anxiety.com there are podcasts etc. Heard a bit of one and really think it could help on YouTube as well. I am going to give it a go. The guy seems really genuine and goes on what works for him. Shaking definitely be watching more but have to go on my twenty min walk now. Going to put something in the oven before I go so as don't have the waiting and worry that precedes eating

Fingers crossed

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