anxiety messing up my head!!

past couple of days my minds been racing over the same thought and its keeping me worried from morning to night non stop , starting to think im going crazyy:( , through the worrying i get this chronic bellyache that i cant seem to shake , i really need to go doctors as i dont think the herbal route is helping me what so ever! im taking rescue rememdy and quiet life tablets.


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  • Hi sorry to hear your feeling so bad theses nothing the matter with taking meds if you need them Im doing the herbal thing but have still got my tablets if i need them my cbt councillor told me to stay off the rescue remedy so i have not used it yet you will get through this its hard but will get better x

  • Hi,

    If you don't mind me asking, what is your thought? Perhaps it would be good to talk about it? (sorry if it's personal, please ignore if so)

    Do you have anything that can take your mind off it? My way of calming myself down is sitting in bed and reading. It takes my mind off my worries and I find that I soon calm down. Also breathing in and out deeply to dissolve the feeling of panic.

    Think about your worry on a scale of 1-10 in the grand scheme of things. Is it a realistic worry? Or is it not too troublesome and your mind is running away with you? Try and be stronger than the thought and the stomach ache. Don't let it beat you.

  • yeahh its preety bad sharron i do need to go doctors i feel like its rulling my life at the moment , hopefully tablets that will help , and is the rescue remedy not good then?

  • HI I dont know she just told me not to use it so I have taken her advice.One thing I was told inCBT yesterday is the more you concentrate about a pain the worse it will get.she told me to do something like the dishes and concentrate on how the water feels what noise do the bubbles make and if I feel my mind wandering back to pains to bring it back to the dishes its been hard but I am trying it with every task I do x

  • Sounds a lot like you were told about 'Mindfullness'. I use Mindfullness when trying to get to sleep at night. Actually, sometimes I can get it 'right' and I end up Lucid Dreaming.

    Mindfullness - very good technique.

  • yes thats it ,I have been practicing it all day hard but will be worth it

  • did you manage get a grip of it? as im in the exact same boat its horrible i feel your pain

  • Me too! This sucks

  • i arnt sure if mines caused from pressure from work or somthing but my head feels like its going explode like im going mad and also my vision isnt the same its kind of a drunk type vision but without the drink i actually feel like im not on the same planet as anyone else its weird.. i keep thinking somthings wrong with my head but yeah its as if its ruling my life...

  • Today I felt that I was going crazy, I sat there and and was freaking out because I felt like I was going crazy. I feel like some of the things I do or said during the day I was either dreaming or a different day even though it wasn't. I also feel like the things I hear sometimes repeat in my head and it sends A sensation to my ear like if it was repeated again even tho it wasn't. There's times I can't control my thoughts and I feel like I'm going crazy. Also my vision is not the same and I forget a lot. If you don't mind me asking, what's your position at your job?

  • sheet metal work alot of lifting involved :( its a really chaos environment and you get put under heaps of pressure all the time and i stress loads because of it ..are you under a lot of stress? emotional? i keep getting crunching sounds in my head and i can feel my brain moving its scary.. when was the last time you felt fully functioned? im definitely not fully functional.. how long have you been like this?

  • Well I just feel like I'm going crazy tbh. I'm a cook and sometimes it can be a lot of stress. And I've been feeling like I'm going crazy for about 2 months now it sucks. :/

  • doctor just game me Fluoxetine 20mg and i actually feel better already lol

  • @mandy26 my thought is constant fear of dying propa scares me im on edge all the time , erm reading calms it down to a certain extent but not fully , walking sometimes helps , erm to me its a realistic thing but i dunno

  • Horrible when you have such a awful thought, I can relate to how you're feeling, you feel like you're going mad because no matter how much you try and distract yourself or take your mind off te thought it doesn't work :( I think the trick is to just keep trying, question your thoughts, use any distraction technique that you can until you find one that works for you x

  • thanks everyone once again for your thoughts and suggestions x

  • Totally know where you are coming from, I have thoughts that control my mind some of them can last constantly for a week, and when I say this I mean a week I think of nothing else and become exhausted by it. My best advice is to try mindfulness I did a free 10 day trial on a website can't remember what it was called but I will go and have a look at post it in a bit. You really must visit the doctor it is nothing to be ashamed of they are there to help. Ask for CBT as well. Hope things improve soon for you.

  • Hi.... I can totally like everyone else that uses this site relate to how you are feeling..... I suffer from health anxiety and when I am going through a rough patch it totally consumes my mind and I can promise you I feel like Im going mad!! But I am now learning that in actual fact.... I have never gone mad before so the likeyhood of it happening are slim. I agree with the above if the herbal route is not helping then maybe a trip to the doctors may help but also I have found that using this site has helped me hugely if only to know that there are others out there suffering, Also others that are going through good patches that can help pick you up or lend a listening ear.... xx

  • this is really helpfull. I am new to this site and new to the whole issue of depression and anxiety. i've been to docs and have citalopram for 20 days now. he has written me up for counceling but it will be a long wait. my anxiety is about responsibility..I feel responsible for so many thiings that i just want to get away..a close friend took his life 7 weeks ago and this is what pushed me over..other home and work responsiblities have just got too much and now my head is really spinning said I need to think about which external events actually are my responsibility ...but it's hard ..I feel people should be able to lean on me but now I cant respond ...

  • krimnal can you tolerate meds i mean like strong pain killers and stuff because i cannot take meds i hope the doc can help you it is worth going even if for a chat and tell them all your worries and symptoms good luck x

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