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Bad day and its still early!

I woke up this morning knowing id got to go to the doctors to get another sick note,i also planned everything out as to what i intended to say to him! Ie this medication ive been on 3 weeks is making me worse and ive been off work 2 weeks and feel no better whatsoever,i have also seen a gp 3 times in the last 2 weeks and feel im hitting my head against a brick wall! But hey guess what i cant get in to see a doctor today.....ring again i feel more anxious than ever!...not a good day when your trying to fight this horrible thing!

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Hi phone and say you need an emergency appointment they can't refuse you x


The receptionist said its not a medical emergency, not to worry try again tomorrow!


Hi It really annoys me sometimes, what is wrong with us is confidential and I dont think we should have to tell a receptionist!! Do you have a Drs walk in centre near you? (might be worth a try) if not hope you get in soon!!


Hi Kitty82,

I know its scary when you start to feel like this! I find that when i have these feeling's like i want to run, or break free from something, I sit in a calming room and breath slowly in through my nose and out through my mouth, and think about happy things, Then after about 20 minutes, i will read a book i enjoy or watch a comedy movie to bring my spirits back up, still trying to breath calmly :) x



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