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Bad day

   I had a good week so I cant moan but today I cant drink or eat until this horrible feeling in my esophugus goes. I think it was eating to much peanut butter. I am hoping it will pass in a few hours . I have taken omeprazole so should heal soon.

   I am feeling low but I know why and hoping it will pass when I can drink a nice cup of Ovaltine with sugar.

   I cant believe how much Data I eat on phone and on laptop. So I will not be online to long any more.

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Hang in there man and hope you get better and may God bless you (: 


I am better today mate thanx and I do think of God on a daily basis just wish I could of lived the way he would of liked. Got alot to answer for .


You seem like a decent man, don't worry about anything just live your life day by day and have fun and I'm glad to know you're okay



Thank You for asking me how I was the other day on your post :-)

I am not to bad but anxious because I am going for a Barium swallow x-ray tomorrow 

Sorry you are feeling a little down , are you still keeping up with you meditation that helps you :-)

I know data can go quickly , is there any chance you can get a deal anywhere that gives you unlimited data , that is what I have with Sky and it is so much cheaper 

You will be missed and hope you will be back soon and let us know how you are doing in the meantime remember you do have friends on here that will be thinking about you :-)

Take Care x 


How did your Barium meal go Bounce? Let us know I do hope its nothing sinister. 


Hello Dodo 

Thank you so much for asking :-)

Well this morning I was nearly not going to go the fear and anxiety started taking over but then I went for it !

It is not a bad procedure at all not compared to some you can have of course having ocd like I do adds a big burden but they were very good with me :-)

She said as she was doing it nothing screamed out at her that was wrong but she has to go away and look in detail at it , well of course even though as she said at a first glance everything looked ok my mind or shall we say anxiety is saying O God when she looks more thoroughly she might find something :-o

How are you feeling today ? x


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Good Day Bounce,  I am so glad that you did it.   Good for you.  It wasn't a bad test was it?  Our fears are the worst part of it.  See, they told you as well that it looked good while taking the test.  Well now you can cross off all the things on your list for today except for the final results.  Good feeling of accomplishment I would think.  Enjoy the rest of your day.  Sending a hug  x


I am ok today just feel a bit warn out after cleaning and shopping gonna chill all night sipping my smoothie to get some calories in me got lots to watch on tv so time should pass.

Glad everything went well. Take care.



I am pleased you are managing to get something down you and smoothies are good for you :-)

I have so much on my planner I could watch , at least a few days worth and true it always comes in handy to pass the time and distract you when needed :-)

Take Care x


Dodo, I know too why you are feeling low, it's the chocolate isn't it?  It's like we need that chocolate fix every day.   I hope the med works in taking care of that feeling in your esophagus.  I understand about you not being able to stay on line very long but wondering if others from Wales have that same problem.  It sounds like the package plan you have for phone and internet might not be the right one.  I'm sorry..take care of yourself and feel better. 


Your right without chocolate my evening feels empty lonely and depressing so chunky kitkats are stuffed in my sofa but making sure I eat or sip on my smoothie i make with veg raw egg tuna and fruit.

I hope your anxiety is low today. I have been given another diazepam off my x just now nbut will keep until i have a bad anxiety attack.

Someone i know died only 38 he went to sleep and never woke up. He had sugar diabetes they say it was a coma so sad he had a little girl his bro died when he was 11 so parents must be in bits. Live everyday like if its your last I been told and beginning to think their right. Byyye for now.


I am drinking my first cup of Ovaltine its been a hard couple of days but boy is it good feeling getting fluids in me again. 

How are you today hope your coping ? Its beautiful here a bit windy . I hope to go out now my boy wants money again.  He is going out more which makes me happy knowing he out to socialize. 


Have you tried warm water or tea with honey?


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