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I am having an extra anxious day today and I don't know why ? I have been on google and looked up my uncomfortable niggle that comes and goes and all I get is pancreatic cancer and it's freaking me out. I have been to docs a few times and get told it's anxiety but I am finding this hard to believe.

I have been diagnosed with ptsd, from when I was 13 and lived with my nanny when she was diagnosed with cancer and I saw the whole thing till she died. Since this time cancer has been a massive fear for me and medical procedures, doctor visits and anything to do with death I really struggle with.

I feel that my reactions are not normal and panic attacks just come from no where ! I feel that I have every possible symptom and that I'm gonna die.....


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  • I'm sorry you're going through this. I watched my Dad die from colon cancer in 2001 and for probably close to 10 years, I was so scared of getting cancer. Time has definitely helped and I've been on antidepressants pretty continuously since then. It is definitely traumatic and I had a family doctor at the time wasn't very understanding. Finally in 2000 I worked up the courage to go to therapy and that really, really helped. It was tough at first rehashing everything, but then it became so cleansing and helped me start living life again, and while I still have the fear, most of the time I'm able to continue to live my life without the fear ruling me. I hope things get better for you.

  • Please don't google any health concerns it will make you worse. I thibk we always seem to find the worst case scenario by default! I think ask on here about your symptoms instead. I totally relate to the fear of medical procedures especially if you known somebody die of cancer. I think that death well it's a tough one that. I find that writing, art singing helps. I'm even thinking of getting tattoos to help me deal with the death thing. I totally get where your coming from with that. Eveytime somebody dies I freak out and if I think about it I feel I'm going to die. So maybe avoid anything that makes it worse. I find when I feel well enough exercise helps too but not on bad days obviously. I get what you mean. It's awful isn't it?!

  • Thank you ....I get a niggle just under my left boob about 2 inched down , it's not a pain pain but uncomfortable and I suffer with my neck and shoulders too. It feels tended but not sure if that's where I'm constantly prodding my self to check for lumps !!! Feel like I'm going mad !!! I have made the connection to pancreatic cancer cause I got diagnosed as diabetic in November so I googled that and al sorts came up !!!

  • I started having these attacks too .. but Im 2 months free spend your time with loved ones don't drink caffeine or alcohol try eating healthy and occupy yourself .... you are not alone remember you can overcome this fear of death is common some people forgot till the time comes but people like me and you constantly think about it and we can't get out of our mind if you need to talk reply I'll be online suffer from heavy insomnia

  • I been told to not drink so much coffee recently! I'm guessing it makes anxiety worse?

  • It's makes it worse I use to drink Coca Cola like everyday so I started getting chest pains numbing hand I also abused alcohol .. but I changed I talked about to my friends family as I am barely 21 they told me I was crazy but I just had to tell someone I though I had a heart dieasises went to the ER and was diagnosed with heavy anxiety so I started changing my routines and I'm back to normal I sometimes get my attacks but I manage to control them oooo and stress is a big factor try to find out if your stress

  • Thanks. Yeah I'm very stressed. Funny you mention chest pains. I'm getting a lot of them. Thanks for sharing your story gives me hope as I'm going to rehab services for alcohol problems and abuse counselling. xxx

  • Caffeine is definitely anxiety's enemy. It makes your heart rate rise and makes those dreaded adrenaline rushes that much easier for our bodies to dole out willy nilly.

  • I heard great amounts of sugar can trigger attacks too Linda cut back on a lot unhealthy things

  • Explains my chest pains. Thanks.I also have asthma and stress so it sounds like coffee bad to have! I'm going to cut down now.

  • I deal with the exact same thing. I can barely function. We want 100% reassurance that we are ok. I have a phobia of doctors and think I will have enough to force myself to go in today, because the anxiety is killing me. Just know you're not alone. You're fine! :)

  • I think when we Google stuff we and up building hypochadria which is another mental illness and we become extremely alert with are bodies plus those type of traumas causes to think we will have the same type of disease like are loved ones.

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