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Good days and bad days

Hi All, This is my first time posting. I have had anxiety for a few years off and on but just around Christmas it manifest to pure fear of fear and was chronic. I truly believed that I was going insane and had suicidal thoughts, i have been working my way through it with the help of the Clair weekes books and some online CBT. But I keep slipping backwards and fear getting worse again. I wake up with the feeling of dread with a sick feeling that stays with me for the rest of the morning no matter what I try. I have had a health anxiety for a long time and this keeps rearing it's head, I'm very read up on the cycle of fear and try not to let it build with adding 2nd fear but it's so hard and wearing me down. I don't want to take any medication and have my camomile tea throughout the day and I have managed 3 weeks with out taking diazepam. I only took this when things got really bad and only took about 10 in total over 5 week's. I do use relaxing visualisation techniques and breathing techniques as needed. Sorry for the rambling post but how does everyone deal with this when it stops you doing anything and makes you feel like it will never end. ? Any thoughts? Cheers Marina.

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I’m experiencing the exact same thing as you! I really purchased a book called DARE which I thought was helping but now I seem to be going backwards again😢 I feel like my symptoms are getting worse and I’ve also been to the GP! Tonight I feel so exhausted and down about it, I just wish I could get back to my old self....


Thanks for the reply, I wish I had some advice that could help us both but this has knocked me sideways so I'm out of ideas. I have brought the same book but haven't look at it yet as been concentrating on Clair weekes books. Take care and look after yourself.x


I also wish I had advise! It’s such an awful thing to go through, it’s comforting knowing your not the only one. Take care too x

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It helps coming on here and reading that other people feel the same way but it's sad to see so many people suffer on a daily basis from a illness that we make and add too ourselves. Have you read any Clair weekes books, they maybe old but still relevant, she was an amazing woman well before her time.


I agree, it’s very upsetting to see so many people suffer from this awful thing!! I haven’t read any of the Clair Weekes books but I will defiantly have a look. Thank you


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