Bad day

I feel like I'm going down hill again, I am on a low dose 10mg amitriptyline but it's been 5 weeks now and I did feel great again but the last couple days I'm getting worse, feeling all shakey and got this horrible twitch or muscle spasm just below my left rib and it's been a week and driving me insane along with my left eye twitch :( I'm thinking of upping my dose to 20mg see if it helps, I also feel like my insides are shaking more in my head and teeth and nose? Is this normal anxiety :(


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  • How much magnesium are you taking if any nath

  • 2 1 morning 1 eve plus vit d

  • Has it gradually come on you​ from starting to take it all.

  • Yeh I kinda guess it has mate I just checked back and I had the first twitch on 10th April, about 4 days after starting the magnesium

  • I would say cut back on it all. V-D and magnesium.

    Take half a tablet morning and half night, too much too soon can make you feel worse, low and slow.

  • Got ya Il miss out tonight's and tomoz

  • Always best to take less then if you feel worse for not taking it then ya know it isn't that, so take it again. Taking more and then feeling worse, well ya screwed then, can't do much about it.

    I'd say that for both mineral and med's, only one way to find out.

    Ya not been worrying about anything lately or getting worked up over anything ??

  • It's typical anxiety hun. Do you think that your hospital appointment could of triggered you off.I would up your dose a little till it passes. but just make sure your ok to up them first.if you've had a higher dose before then you will be's when we lower our dose it seems to start us off when we do so.when it starts again just try and focus on something else I know it's really hard because when your going through the zone it's not easy at all. Just remember it's just a thought that creates alsort s of feelings it will pass it not last and you will be fine again 😆

  • U sure Hun? I feel like I'm back to square 1 when I wasn't even on the amitriptyline :/

  • I'm positive hun it happens to me regularly it's just a slight relapse.I have them more so if I'm down or stressed or got a lot on my plate I have to upp my dosage your not on a lot of honestly I've had severe anxiety for 17 years and I often relapse Its totally normal

  • 2 tabs 1 morning 1 eve mate also bit d

  • If your really worried just go back to your doctor just to give you piece of mind he may have to give you more meds to keep your twitches at ease I know my twitches are nerves from my anxiety it's made me very nervous over the years and I get jumps and twitches all the time. but go check it out it will help calm you too

  • I wouldn't mind if it was the usual like a leg or arm muscle that I can physiacally move but it's a stomach/chest muscle that I can't,

  • Go drink some milk !! Like a pint or so.....

  • Done :) must be the mag as my pec started twitching now, I can't win lol

  • It isn't the magnesium. Drinking milk cancels out magnesium, so you drank it and canceled it out and you twitched more. Like I suspected to be honest.

    Magnesium is keeping your twitching down !!

    You must be worried about something in the back of your mind or something.

    Leave the magnesium and see if you improve, if you start getting panicked just take some it will soon die off.

    It's just stress my friend I twitch all over, face, pec, arse cheek the lot.

    Try and do a YouTube relaxation video see if that helps. Just try not to worry about it and add more stress to yourself.

    Try a banana potassium !

  • Yeah just try and stay calm go and check it out with you doctor could be side effects from your meds or because you cutting it down too soon

  • I hope your not worrying about your mri scan too much!! I've been getting chest twitches and stuff and sure it's coz I'm worried about this numb tongue and other stuff! You were doing so well too so stop worrying!;-)

  • The twitch started before I even knew about the Mri Hun, but it must also be on my mind and making things worse

  • It will be on your mind but only you know how you feel! I've been feeling all sorts of things and freaking out so I understand! just hang in there matey!:-D

  • Thanks Hun :)

  • Just hope your ok! Are you u having nice easter (part from the health probs)! I'm watching new top gear some nice cars on here!:-)

  • I'm in bed watching passengers :) good film :)

  • Is that with Jennifer Lawrence? Not seen but would like too let me know if any good! :-)

  • Was really good :)

  • you know that anxiety is something everyone loves with but some of us cannot control our anxiety hence the medications given to us.

    may i suggest something you may not have tried?

    go and download the app Insight Timer it has thousands of meditations on it and all are free. don't expect meditation to work immediately it doesn't it takes time but it truly helps you to live in the present and i mean this second nothing in the past nothing in the future just now.

    it sounds like it can't work but it does as does yoga and not pretzel yoga just a little stretch to make you concentrate on now.

    i had a mother i didn't know as she suffered from what they used to call manic depression and a brother who 3 yrs ago called it a day on life.

    i am on pregabalin for GAD and i meditate i go to yoga and now am attempting jogging for the endorphins

    i'm 59 will be 60 this year i have suffered all my life but i never give up trying and meditation has been going longer than you or i give it a try but give it a long try don't give up it works

  • Thanks for your reply and means a lot :).

  • Any different without mag ?

  • Not really mate still getting the twitch below rib but been reasearchin the ibs sites this morn and it's talked about a lot

  • Twitch or magnesium ?

    It will be different it's just a matter of when, you'll rather like i do, feel way more nervous without magnesium within a few days or you'll feel better without it, I don't.

    When I first got ill i had everything under the sun wrong with me but over time you learn to deal with it all and it slowly faids away and you more or less recover.

    Let time pass buddy, you get there in the end ;-)

  • Always positive that's what I like about u :) lol today's been weird I been keeping busy but soon as I stop I get a twitch! It's been eye rib and tricep :( soon as u look online your doomed 😳

  • Cheers bud :-)

    You twitch more than likely because you search for it in your mind as soon as your mind isn't or occupied.

    You need to get a hobby that you enjoy and you need to let it twitch, it's nothing dangerous, its just a twitch so it doesn't really matter if it's there.

    Stop searching online too for something else to add to your list of ailments boy !!

    Get yourself a water purifier cause the chlorine and flouride in tap water adds to the irritation of IBS.

    Listen to your elders !!

  • Haha oooook :) the main worry of mine is my 1 year old little girl and how she needs me right now! Your right about the net it's crazy u search and you may as well plan ya funeral lol, it must be coz I'm constantly thinking about it and I feel a muscle twang her then there :/ nuts

  • Well get off the fucking internet and be with ya baby girl !!!

    Honestly lad :-)

    You'll find when you're ill that you are what you think, think it and you'll be it.

    If you can't think anything good, don't think anything at ALL.!!!

    I've just done 300 squats and 300 knee ups you should do something instead of sitting there playing with ya self lad :-)......hehe

  • Haha I've been installing lights into my decking :) I don't plan sitting thinking about rubbish it's just happens :/ lol funny tho

  • i'm always around never feel alone

  • Well I'm here for anyone who needs a chat x

  • How are you then

  • I'm ok foggy head today! Back to Drs tomorrow as my anxiety has been increasing for the last 4 weeks x

  • Foggy head is horrible ey

  • Yes can't concentrate how are you feeling now? X

  • TBH really rubbish Hun, but I got 1 week Till my MRI and it's doing me in, what are your symtoms

  • Where to start I'm not sleeping at all I feel like everything is closing in on me can't focus only on my clammy hands and throat tightening up then I go into full panic mode that I have to leave asap x

  • Be there done that, is there a reason u feel the way that u do? Feel free to message me if u wanna talk private

  • Nope it's just come on in waves can't seem to ride it out x

  • Hi powsy1983, it sounds like something I use to go through called "free floating anxiety". Just as you described it, coming in waves. Good Luck with your doctor appointment tomorrow. x

  • was rubbish they decided to speak to me on the phone as they were bombarded with holiday weekend backlog! So on the phone the Dr wanted me to explain everything I said I couldn't I wanted to see him face to face.. He said he could help over the phone with medication etc I said id rather see my own Gp which he reluctantly made a appointment for me for this coming monday! Im fuming I want to be refered to the mht who will actually assess me not tell me im depressed I have loads more symptoms becoming more frequent I don't want to discuss over the phone :(

  • Not good huni :(

  • I'm sorry powsy that you weren't able to get a face to face appointment. I agree, some things need to be said in person.

  • Just remember that with anxiety you will face set backs and progression. I was feeling great for 4-5 years then had a HORRIBLE set back that lasted a good 5-6 months. Made me feel like I was learning anxiety and panic all over again for the very first time! However once I had some medical tests done and learned to accept the feelings more than fight them I've been doing quite a bit better. It should be easy for us to accept these feelings since we experience them probably 100 times more than anyone else. But the way we are wired, we automatically think the worse and start the vicious cycle. Just know you are definitely not the only one experiencing these things. And we ALL can overcome this and get back to our normal ways!

  • Obv you have been through allot and you speak sense it's just believing yourself that's the problem, these twitches are doing me in mate

  • Nathsam46, our nervous system is sooo overworked, why wouldn't we get nervous tics/twitches? That's how I've always thought about it and it goes away.

    I try not to put much emphasis on passing symptoms whether they last an hour or days. Our nerves are on alert all the time, they don't get a chance to regenerate. Deep breathe and let loose

  • I had trouble believing myself also! I know exactly where you're coming from I truly do!

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