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Please help me

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So I’m really panicking now, basically I have a tooth infection and I think it might of spread I’m so scared and I can’t sleep at all, I got breathless abit before but it’s going then coming back may be due to anxiety I’m thinking, the only thing that is making me think it’s sepsis is my heart rate has been around 90 to 125 for about a few hours now it might be anxiety but would I know if it was sepsis I’m really freaking out I also have swollen cheek due to this and a and E sent me home with antibiotics

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anxitymanman, please start the antibiotics A&E prescribed.Once you get that into your system, the infection will subside,

the swelling may go down and then you can see your dentist.

Do you have a call into your dentist's office.

Make him aware of your situation, they will direct you as in

what to do meantime. :) xx

I am taking them I’ve started taking ibuprofen to for a slight slight fever not really noticable but I’m anxious but what’s more concerning is the high heart rate it’s been there for like 5 hours and won’t go down has been down a. Few times then goes back up

Between your health anxiety and your body fighting the infectionas well as being on antibiotics can all play a part in the higher heart rate.

This is quite normal but since I am not a doctor, please place a call with

your physician and let him know. Stay safe, be reassured and Stay calm :) xx

Oh so can a heart rate go to like 130 with a tooth infection? I didn’t even know to be honest thankyou

I've had this happen myself when fighting an infection.Your body is in survival mode and will do what it needs to

in order to heal. (working overtime per se)

Still keep your doctor informed, very important

That scares me that it’s important to tell him, I know I need to but I’m anxious now in case it’s sinister I was searching sepsis and heart problems before because of this and it’s made me really scared

Dr. Google?? Searching for answers on the internet when we haveHealth Anxiety does us no good except to put the fear in us.

I say it's important to tell your doctor, not because it may be a sinister issue but

because I am not a doctor and don't know your health history.

Our job on this site is to support each other through our own experiences in what

we are going through.

The final say must always come from your own doctor.

Give the antibiotics a chance to work. They can be a miracle drug. :) xx

Do you think if it was sinister like sepsis I would know? I’ve spoken to my doctor before and he says my heart spikes up to 160 at times and he’s not concerned, how can my heart rate go that high without me even noticing

If your doctor isn't concerned then you must accept his professional advice.The minute we start worrying, the "what if's" of anxiety kick in and we become

overwhelmed with our own thoughts not realistic ones.

Breathe and do something to refocus your mind.

It's going to be okay. :) xx

It’s down to 78 now

And I’m not hot anymore I was hot before

Everything takes a little time. You've done good :) xxFeel better real soon

There you go my friend...You are going to be okay. Breathe :) xx

Pain and anxiety can increase your heart rate. But 90-125 is really not bad at all! Normal AT REST heart rate is anywhere from 60-100…. So if you are up moving around- 125 is fine! Go lay down, do some deep breathing

Avoid Ibuprofen anytime you can, unless your doc prescribed it. It can make your heart race. Happens to me. And it hurts your gut if you take it in empty stomach and for a long time. My doctors recommend Acetaminophen (Tylenol) over Ibu. For fever tylenol should work.

See I read something upon this I agree I only take ibuprofen for the swelling due to my tooth abscess

Take the antibiotics, as Agora says and call your dentist tomorrow. If the office is closed you may be able to talk to him over the phone Saturday, and see him on Monday. The antibiotics should work fairly quickly so you may feel some improvement by tomorrow and your anxiety may ease.


Anxiety blows everything out of proportion makeing everything worse than what it never google any thing is my advice take some big deep breath’s to try and calm down x

Do you think my heart being elevated for that long is bad? Surely something would of happened or been worse would you imagine? I know you can’t tell me cus your not a doctor but

I’ve read of people having heart rates in the 200’s for hours and was fine

I’m not sure you’ve been to the hospital surely they would have mentioned it to you if it was bad

The heart rate only happened today that’s all

Get the tooth treated as soon as possible but unless you really let it go for a while you will be ok. but call your dentist or look into low-cost dental help if you need it. Usually, a visit to the Emergency Room can get you an anti-biotic that will at least allow temporary relief,

My aunt just had a UTI with sepsis. Her biggest symptom was horrible body wracking chills and high fever, not high heart rate. I had a cold a few months ago with a fever, and my Apple Watch kept alerting that my heart rate was 125. It’s normal for your heart rate to go up when you’re sick. If you have antibiotics, be sure to take them. It will prevent your infection from getting worse. If you had sepsis you’d be really super sick and you’d feel like you had to go to the hospital. My health anxiety always gets worse when I’m sick.


Wow, I used to worry about tooth infection reaching my heart until just few months ago. Until I got my heart checked. It's all anxiety dude. That stuff doesn't happen easily. Your teeth have to be really really bad. Mine is really bad believe me because I can't make myself go to a dentist even though I know I need it worse than any other help right now.

Anyway, my heart is fine and my heart rate staying between 80 to 120 is from anxiety. For me it's also from digestive problems. Lot of gas stuck in you can make your heart race. I've seen some people say that one this site and other forums. Somehow doctors just don't know that it gas can do that. So look into it. Get your heart checked too just to put your mind at ease. Also get your thyroid checked if you haven't in a while.

And! You're just 22. I'm 47 and I've started successfully convincing myself my heart is fine. I got pretty bad only few months ago before getting my heart checked. Since then I've been really good. No panic or bad anxiety. I'm learning to just shake the worry off. Can't die from fear 5 times a day while I'm doing just fine and not dying at all. You have to make yourself go out there and try to be like everybody else.

125 is nothing to worry about either. The first panic attack I had was because I had 120 HR, back in 2005. Paramedics came and asked me what made me freak out. I said my HR was 120 and I kept worrying about it. The guy said so it was 120, so what? I said isn't that too high? He was almost laughing pretty much when I said that. 120 125 is nothing when you're thinking yourself into a corner and freaking out. When I'm in bed my HR goes down into the 70s, sometimes 60s. When your heart is not well your HR does not go down at rest. Why they say if your HR is always 100 or higher you must see your doctor. I was some game streamers. One guy was 130 just sitting and chatting after eating McDonalds. After he went to the bathroom, HR went down. Gas once again but he doesn't know. He worries. Another guy about 25 he says his HR never goes below 100 and when he was playing a game it went up to 150 and he was literally shaking but he didn't worry at all since he doesn't really know that it can be a bad sign. I don't think he has any problems with his heart. He is fit and happy. He probably just gets very tense playing PVP games.

Well I've said a lot :D You just have to learn not to assume the worst about your health. To start doing that get your heart checked and fix your tooth soon. If you don't do these 2 important tasks, your worries will be harder to kick and it will always make you wonder what's going on inside you.

Ye my hearts been like 230 before I was in full panic mode then though I had chest pain and a normal heart rate, then I had a ekg and I panic from them so much and got proper worked up blood pressure sky high and heart rate still nothing doctors have gave me 24hr ekg and heart csn go up to 160 and down to 45 not concerned, don’t know how, anyways ye I just wondered as I normally am between 50 and 65 and now it’s around 75 to 95 on the high side

Also another thing I’ve noticed is it will go as high as about 130 if I need a (poop) and went I’m down returnes to a normal kind of rate happened twice yesterday and It happens most of the time I need the toilet for that

Damn amazing how none of us here are alone in any of this. All these things you described, was happening to me just few months ago. My blood pressure was sometimes 95/145. When my normal BP is 80/120. Whenever I freaked out about my high heart rate my BP went up. For weeks that poop thing also happened. Many times I felt like I wouldn't even be able to get up and go to my bed, felt like I'd faint from heart beating so fast when pooping. I had 72 hour Holter monitor and heart ultrasound. Nothing is wrong. Then I decided I'm not going to be so afraid anymore and started just ignoring the fears, took my phone with me to the bathroom and listened to music, watched Youtube to keep myself distracted. It worked very well.

I had no treatment for any of those problems but I'm doing so much better now. My digestive system is not great so when I have a lot of gas my heart does go very fast but I no longer worry, just let it happen and burp and burp and then it becomes normal again.

Everything you mentioned, happened to me. And it's all goddamn anxiety. I'm at war with it these days and I'm winning haha. No more hiding in the corner. You and everyone need to do the same thing, when all the medical tests show there is no real problem with you.

If your heart rate goes down to 45 then you're probably athletic. Even 40 is normal for athletes.

Your heart rate is up because your anxious. That is not a terrible heart rate. You started the antibiotics, ithe infection will subside. We tell ourselves the most horrible things when something is wrong. We Catastorphise it. Trust me your going to be ok. It's natural to freak out a little bit..we are hyper sensitive to our bodies thanks to anxiety. If the swelling is bothering you try to use a ice pack. Your going to be just fine. Try some guided meditation. Google some good ones, lay back and listen. The key is to get relaxed. I'm sry you are going through this. You will be ok, I promise. Been there.

Right now my heart I can feel beating that’s what I hate it’s because I’m focusing on it but it feels like it’s going at a fast pace when it says it’s between 67 and 85 now so it’s not even bad

I feel my heart beating almost all the time. That's the thing that bother me the most all the time. Idk why others don't feel their heart beat. For me it literally moves my body sometimes. My doctor said I need to exercise, it happens when your fitness level is pretty low. So I'm working on that. I have noticed few times that whenever I move around a lot for a few days, I no longer feel my heart beat at normal times. Only when its beating really hard then I feel it. Then if I stop moving much for a few days I start feeling it all the time again. So the exercise advice is definitely the correct way to go. Nothing intense, just walking and some light upper body workout does the job.

Thanks bro

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