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Help me understand anxiety


Hey guys I’m struggling again! I wanted to scream and jump and crawl out my skin , I’m so sick of it and fed up with this stupid anxiety. And I feel ashamed that I’m complaining like I shouldn’t complain. I just can’t deal today , I’m weak , and I’m afraid that if I’m admit I’m weak I could eventually lead to suicidal..

I love life and I love to live and I love my family! And I love my self .... so I don’t have a plan but I’m just afraid and struggling with this! I haven’t been on medicine for 9 months and I did so well! I think it’s time to get back on! I’m just so hopeless right now! And I know I’ve read I shouldn’t rely on people to pick me up out of this (or maybe I read it wrong ) but I’m weak guys and I I just want to be better I want to be happy ! I hate this anxiety that’s taken over me !

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Hi, I just want to tell you that there is nothing wrong with admitting how you are feeling and relying on others that like yourself understand what you are going through. If you need to get back on your meds for a bit until you feel better again then there is nothing wrong with that. Don't be ashamed. As much as it sucks anxiety is a part of us and it's best not to fight it or it will take control of our lives. Don't let it be stronger than you because it's not. I know it's not easy but we are here to listen and help as much as we can. Hope this helps you a little.

Welcome to a safe place!

First of all you are not weak. You have anxiety. It causes body sensations and feelings that you are out of control. It will not just go away, but it can be managed but accepting it and working with it. Realize what triggers it and try and understand your thoughts and feelings when it happens. Dont be afraid it and try and work on coping skills. I know its not easy but keep reaching out and talking about your situation and see if we can provide guidance. Therapy and meds maybe necessary to get this under your control.

ThNk you so much for reminding how safe I am here just telling my thoughts ! I’m waiting on my dr to email me back so I can get a rx to continue my medicine ... from when I stopped !

Thank you so much !!!! You are helping me !

It feels great to be understood

No problem. I take meds when it gets too noisy as well. I work, go out and have anxiety. I am not as social as I would wish, but I try to work within my limits. I want to focus on right now and today. How you can make yourself feel better and think positive thoughts.

Yes I am doing that now! Affirmation ! Daily affirmation

Have hope it will get better and it will! Stay strong hang in there, you can get through this! You got through it that one time and you can get through it again and come out so much stronger!

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